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  • Why is there such a huge argument against women going topless on the beaches?

    Women have been going topless on beaches in Europe almost forty years. My father has a photo of my mother sunbathing topless on the beach at Lake Constance, In Germany, taken in 1984. In Australia for at least that amount of time.  There are even topless beaches in Turkey, a Muslim country, and Aqaba in Jordan,also a Muslim country. Yet Americans are still absolutely terrified of the prospect, they fight it tooth and nail. Only a very few beaches in the U.S. The only one I know of for certain is Miami. I've heard certain state allow it, but then the individual communities turn around and say no way and the state makes no effort to enforce it.

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  • What is considered a “sexually explicit photo or image” in the Yahoo Answer world?

    The reason I ask this is I looked through the list of answered questions on the subject and the most frequent answer I saw was “If you wouldn’t see it on the public beach it doesn’t belong on Yahoo Answers”. My response to that is that people are simply unaware of what really is seen on beaches anymore. In April 2015, the Venice Beach Neighborhood Council petitioned the City of LA to allow women to go topless on Venice Beach. If it wasn’t happening frequently already, and had been for some time, the Neighborhood Council would not have bothered to petition the City of L.A. Francesca Eastwood (Clint’s Daughter) went topless on Malibu Beach and it was reported in all the scandal sheets and tabloids worldwide, there were witnesses because you can see people in the background of the photos and there is no indication that she was bothered by the law. It’s a known fact that the First Lady, that’s right Melanie Trump, (her name was Melanie Knauss at the time) went topless on European Beaches and Miami Beach, as a matter of course, I mean my God she was a European Glamour/Bikini Model in her previous life, what would you expect? I don’t expect Yahoo Answers to change their standards, what I wish is they would do is give a little more description of what they won’t allow and what they will because I have seen everything here from topless to fully covered, it really didn’t matter and the censors left a lot of it untouched.

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  • What is your opinion on this Avatar?

    Honest opinions please

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