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  • legal name change?

    I've been wanting/needing to legally remove some names I have on my records. where and how do I go about doing this? I was born and raised in TX and now living in OH and want to get this done. i'm 19 and in the military. it would be great if anyone could tell me how to go about this process. ive looked up pages online and I found legal zoom, I don't mind paying the money for the services I just want to make sure they are a legitimate service and/or if there's a better way to go about the process, and what exactly i'd need. thanks

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  • I m looking for the title of this movie?

    My 9th grade teacher made us watch it it was a really good movie but I don t remember the name, so I m going to just describe what happens.. hopefully someone knows cause I ve been searching forever.

    2 brothers, one goes to America to go to college for music one stays on his country. The brother that goes to America falls in love with a girl he meets in college and eventually gets married to her, they get married in both their traditions. And the other brother becomes some terrorist I think and he takes this wife and she hates him and he rapes her to have a son. Well 9/11 happens and some people in the government sneak in to the house of the brother that lives in America and they take him into custody (he had nothing to do with 9/11) and he was locked up and they gave him food that was against his beliefs, and he wrote on the cell walls "I love America". He wrote his wife a letter whIle he was still sane and at the end of the movie he was crazy I think and the wife sees him for the first time since theyes took him.

    I don t have it all right probably but it s been a cool minute since I watched it.

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  • T-mobile vs Verizon, international calling.?

    I m currently in a business plan in West central wireless. I need to get a new phone service and here s what I MUST have: unlimited call and text with picture messaging, no charge roaming, nation wide service, Data, international calling to japan.

    I travel a lot and I need to have service in places like new Mexico, Odessa, midland, Eden. I also need international calling and texting to Japan cause my person will be stationed there for a couple years and we re getting charged over a dollar for each minute and text message. I have WiFi at home and at school and if I m not there I m at work so I really don t need unlimited data, it s just nice to have.

    Lastly, I have a verizon phone I may be able to keep my phone of I get verizon, not guaranteed. And t-mobile said I can keep my phone. If I go to T-MOBILE I know I could call over wifi, but I don t always have WiFi around, so 25 cents per minute. I could buy 100 minutes or a 1000 minutes at verizon.

    There are also 2 smaller companies, cricket and boost mobile. $75/mo. For each. Except it s 15 cents a minute at boost mobile for international and I would be paying $10 a month to get that, besides that everything is unlimited. At cricket, everything is unlimited but the calling international is 1000 minutes. There is no roaming charge on either and they re nation wide. The only problem with these two. Is that I heard their service sucks.

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  • Attachment image

    11th grade geometry?

    Having trouble . This is the final page off the 15 page packet. Please help

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  • 11th grade geometry. 😔 please help?

    6. The diameter of a cylinder is 15 m. The height is 22 m. Find the total area ( surface area ) of the cylinder.

    7. The diameter of a quarter is about 24 mm. The height is about 12 mm. Find approximate total area ( surface area ) of a stack of 12 quarters.

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  • geometry. .. 😕 so confused? Please help?

    4) a cubic foot of sea water contains 1.5 lb of salt. Find the weight of salt in a rectangular container of sea water measuring 6 ft by 4 ft by 2.5 ft

    5) The diameter of a cylinder is 28 m. The height is 5 m. Find the total area (surface area) of the cylinder

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  • geometry help? 😢😢?

    1) each face of a cube has an area of 17.9 cm2 . find the total area of the cube?

    2) a cube has a total area of 384 cm2 . Find the area of each face. Find the area of each edge.

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  • what's a good phone service plan?

    I want something under $100. I want a smart phone with unlimited everything

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  • what is war like today?

    I have to write a personal "letter" to about what war like now to a family member (history class). problem is, I don't know what its truly like. id like to have some help with the details. basically were comparing life as a soldier in WW1 (mostly about soldiers life's in the trenches) to a soldier in the more recent times.

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  • what can you do if you mom text and drives?

    i tell my mom to stop cause shes not a good Multi-tasker. i want her to stop but she wont. :( i dont want to die one day like that....

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