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  • Waiting on God's timing or moving on?

    How do I know if I'm meant to wait for God's timing for new what's coming up or am I meant move on. I'm married at the moment been for 8 years everything was fine and all but I started to feel the downside and felt life has no definition now a days. I feel lost. I've been through a lot of places. Some places stabled until needing to move out to a new location. Me and my wife have our place. Recently lost my dad which is my wife's dad but I conaidered him my dad because the great connection we've had. Of all the things I have gone through I've learned to move on. Recently came back to a location me and my wife where with her parents to start with. Due to her mother is alone from the passing of dad. Been here since then. 

    Not long ago since moving back to the location with her parents. Seen this girl for 3 times that I have seen her we have hugged. Sure she may have meant it in a friendly manner. I have noticed that I felt like being hugged by someone even though no one is around. And it reminded me of this girl. My feelings for my wife have deminished and the love I had for my wife isn't there anymore. I talk to my wife once in a while but not often knowing that I don't miss her. I pretend to miss or tell her I love her so she won't figure out what's going on. 

    I have no idea if it makes any sense but I'm trying to know if what I'm feeling is a sign waiting for God's timing or am I meant to move on. 

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  • Am I seriously becoming bisexual?

    Hey all, how are you? Lately I've been having feeling I no longer have a thing to be with women. In the sexuality term with women I can do but being in a relationship with them is out of my mind and no longer want it or feel. The thing is for some reason I became bucurious where I have had other guys give me oral on me and all. All of a sudden I started to think and feel I wanted to do anything that is please a male meaning doing oral and all. I really have no idea about doing any anal with them but only me giving oral. I have the type of guys I would do it too so it really isn't every single guy. So bucurious would be the first step. Next thing I know for no giving reason I started to feel I wanted to be with a male. Meaning wanting to be in a relationship and just do sexual things. That's where I kinda trying to figure out if I'm bisexual. The thing is as I grew up I always feeling for women and all. And the thing I gave up women since it ain't easy talking to them anymore. So easily I gave up. For bisexual I have the type of men I'd really love to be with but it's only a start. Sooner I'll be starting to be open or so. And if I am bisexual I want to embrace it with my heart and who I really am. Mainly if Im with a guy. That one person would be taking the male counter part. I'm spiritual and now a days I'm very sensitive in ways I was back then. Thank you guys and have a blessing day.

  • What is at the end of the basic link?

    I'm taking a class what has to do with cabling. This is a question for a crossword that my proffesor left for me. Yet I'm not that advanced enough to fully know. If someone could let me know including a picture of the subjeft, I'd gladly appreciate and would learn a lot. Thank you.

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  • How many drink Coca Cola during a cold?

    Recently found out that when I get sick and everything I have a thirst for some coke. During normal times Pepsi would be something I more drink. But when it comes to being sick I end up having a cold coke to get for drink. And a 20oz/600ml is the good size and enjoyable. Even though I have a cold I grab it cold because the taste of it at some point is much better and feels great to me. I get very weak when I'm sick and when I end up drinking a coke it's like coffee to me. Does anyone else do this when they are sick?

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  • How can I take a phone service to court?

    Hey guys, how are you? anyways I'm sure there are question like this so many times and I apologize. My only reason I do it again is because when I ask the question I have a clear answer of what I'm asking. But yes of course... the best answers come from those who give it out. Anyways my question is how can I sue a phone service who likely is T-Mobile which recently got on to being a prepaid low payment no contract service, and I just recently joined. Anyways they are claiming that I owe some amount which I won't proclaim here but yet they want me to pay it because it was not made during the activation date which is 3/27/2013. I have the service, I have the phone with me with service which is a Samsung Galaxy Exhibit 4G and yet not in my T-Mobile and my bank account have any payment posting. Now I don't know if my bank is hiding something from me, or T-Mobile charge me some payment which was paid but they claim it was not done and they want me to pay the amount that should be paid fully for the phone. Ever since I got the amount bill I been trying to solve the problem to see if I really need to pay it or not, but yet I realize it's not a payment that I have to do. Me and my wife argued because of this issue which is really dumb about but yes. Anyways I am looking for a place to go and see if I can get something done at the court because they won't do it as long as they think they are big guys. If someone who lives in San Diego can refer me to a good court that be great, near the zip code of 92102. Thank you very much and hope you have a great day.

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