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  • Census - You must subscribe to a relegion?

    Dear friends

    The other the census officials visited us in the evening. Everything went smoothly. When it came to the question of Relegion, I asked them to mark my relegion as NIL or else only an Indian. But I was surprised that the form did not have a column for people who does not subscribe to any relegion. After going through options the officials said there was no provision for a NIL answer. Ultimately I left it to the chocie of the officials.

    Don't I have a right to be a free man? Shouldn't there be a column for non subscribers of any relegion.

    A few days ago a leading news paper in a survey published mentioned that about 2% of the people surveyed said that they do not follow any relegion!

    What is your opinion? Expect some serious comments please!

    11 AnswersCivic Participation10 years ago
  • Hunting with the dogs and Running with the hare !!!?

    The Policy Mamta Bannerjee followed to grab a few lac votes and grab power. NDTV has been flashing the news constantly for a couple of days now - the stamement of local naxalite leaders that Mamta enlisted the support of Maoists to drive out the CPM from Nandigram.

    She is a Senior Cabinet Minister 9railways) in the UPA governmet which is spending crores of rupees and is still unable to get rid of the problem. Hundreds of security personnel were killed in naxalite attacks. Mamta hasn;t denied the reports.

    Mamta should be charged for the killings and desturction in Nandigram and elsewere in WB and should be removed from the cabinet for taking support of the Maoists which Dr MM sing said is the biggest challenge the country faces.


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  • I had a dog..................!?

    I had a dog by the name of Alice, which mewed like a cat, barked at me one day and simply disappeared without any trace. Any clue?

    8 AnswersInsurance1 decade ago

    Obamas good Talibas is showing in true colours. I am referring to the flogging of a girl in the Taliban controlled province. When the Pakinstanis ceded the swat province with the tacit approval of the USA Mr Obama said tha they were good talibans? If this is good talibans then who is according to Mr Obama the bad talibans?

    9 AnswersCurrent Events1 decade ago

    Do you think Mayawati is matured enough to become a PM of the largest Democracy?

    12 AnswersGovernment1 decade ago
  • Is the IPL more important than General Elections?

    Is IPL more important than General Elections?

    What is the priority of the govt - conducting the election peacefully or organising the IPL?

    Don't you think the organisors or IPL should have behaved in a more diligent way?

    Why is the BJP making a fuss over that? Aren't they playing cheap politics? Do they believe that every Indian is a cricket fan?

    5 AnswersElections1 decade ago