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  • Cash Revenue vs GAAP Revenue?

    Cash revenue is GAAP + increase in deferred revenue.  Could someone please explain to me what exactly is cash revenue for and why we need to factor in the deferred revenue when when we have GAAP revenue?  

    Corporations2 months ago
  • Governmental Accounting?

    When to use Expenditures, Other Financing Sources and Uses, and Transfer out?  Getting confused with accounts.

  • Give up 3 year old for adoption?

    I have decided to give my child up to the state as soon as possible and need help with obtaining information on where to start and begin the process.  I’m hoping this will help my child to find a caring family who have patience and time and are able to provide her with what she needs. I have discussed this serious matter with my family and they all supported my decision.  I’m a single mother located in Chicago. Any info would be very helpful.  

    5 AnswersAdoption11 months ago
  • Back taxes due to rate change?

    if an invoice was created in April and client paid in Oct, and tax amount was changed in Oct due to a rate change that went into effect in Oct.  Should I charge back taxes to the customer or back date the tax doc to April to reflect the old tax amount and then pay to the state?

    2 AnswersUnited States1 year ago
  • Can a legal guardian give a child up for adoption with biological parents permission?

    What are the procedures if the legal guardian can no longer care for the child and the biological parents do not want the child back?

    And how long does it take to get the child adopted? Any information would be helpful! Thanks much!

    7 AnswersAdoption3 years ago
  • Email to client regarding short pays?

    This client sends us monthly ach payment (4000) every month. For the last two months the payments were short by 39 because the invoice amount had increased by 39 due to tax increase. I need help putting together an email to adivse them of the short pays. We previously had sent them an email but no change from them.

    1 AnswerOther - Business & Finance3 years ago
  • My sister is on welfare and still spending money on having nails cut?

    So my sister doesn't have a job and has a baby whom my mom helps take care of because she thinks it's much to handle. She receives food stamp and SSI money every month. The thing is we try to tell her she may need to change her lifestyle a bit and maybe start cutting her nails herself. She goes "well I don't do that and it's too much work. It's like a habit now I can't change it". I'm like speechless. I mean how's that a habit when you can just spend 5 mins trimming your own freaking nails??? I scolded her and told her she needs to take advise and appreciate what people have done for her instead talking back every time.

    Please tell me if I'm asking too much of her. I'm so stressed because I'm tired of arguing with her knowing that she's just lazy and selfish.

    3 AnswersFamily4 years ago
  • Selling a rental house for less than what I purchased?

    So I purchased the house for 260k and now I'm selling it for less than 200k, still owing the bank 77k. Is this considered a loss? Do I have to pay taxes on the money I'm getting, deducting all costs associated with selling the rental house?

    5 AnswersRenting & Real Estate4 years ago
  • Syphilis?

    I live with my sister and she has syphilis (first stage) sores yet. Is it contagious by touch and sharing food? Should I get tested as well?

    5 AnswersSTDs5 years ago
  • Mercedes ML350 takes few minutes to warm up the car in winter?

    I purchased the new car right when summer started. Now that it s winter I turn on the heater by turning up the temp, to maybe 75, it takes few minutes to warm up or can actually feel the warm air blowing out. Am I missing a step or two or that s how it is with ml350?

    6 AnswersMercedes-Benz5 years ago
  • Does Roth 401k affect Medicare benefits? If yes, how so?

    I started helping my mom contribute 500 a month into her Roth 401k account a year ago. Now she s 53 and worries that it might affect her Medicare benefits/premiums when she turns 65 and starts withdrawing money out. Since the money is post taxed, and not considered taxable income at the time of withdrawal, will it affect her Medicare benefits and premiums? Any info is appreciated.

    9 AnswersPersonal Finance5 years ago
  • Questions about impetigo?

    I was diagnosed with impetigo last week and was given ointment and antibiotics. Three days ago the area below my lower lip started to turn pink and itchy. Is it the cause of impetigo? Or it s something else? I thought it was at first and put ointment in it but it s not getting better. There s no sore or blisters, just pink.

    I would appreciate any info given.

    1 AnswerInfectious Diseases5 years ago
  • Payment question!!?

    The contract for the new hire states that we pay him for the work performed by him quarterly effective August 1. Does that mean we pay him the first payment for the first two months, August and September? And then the second payment for the forth quarter?

    4 AnswersOther - Careers & Employment5 years ago
  • Contract payment question!!?

    The contract for the new hire states that we pay him for the work performed by him quarterly effective August 1. Does that mean we pay him the first payment for the first two months, August and September? And then the second payment for the forth quarter?

    3 AnswersOther - Careers & Employment5 years ago
  • Chicago city sticker for my new car?

    I recently purchased a new car three months ago and thought I would receive a notice in the mail for city sticker but I never did. What documens besides bill of sale (I don t have it) can I bring to maybe currency exchange to obtain a sticker?

    1 AnswerInsurance & Registration5 years ago
  • Closed the garage door on my neighbor's car?

    I checked seconds before I closed the garage door to make sure no car was driving in or out. Right when I was closing it my roommate sitting next to me in the car yelled out that there was a car pulling out but it was too late...

    the owner of the car that got stuck got out of the car and helped lift up the garage door in hope of getting the car out of that situation and who woulda thought the car wasn't in park and it kelp rolling forward and one of the roof racks got caugh and damaged the garage door.

    Who should be responsible for the damage (only a few scratches) to the car? Me or the building insurance?

    How should I handle it?

  • Roth IRA providers?

    Can anyone list out a couple of the best providers with low costs/transaction fees.

    The only ones I know are fedality and scottrade. Which one of these two is more reputable?

    8 AnswersInvesting6 years ago
  • Question about setting up Roth IRA for my parents?

    My mom is employed. The question is can I use my bank account to set up a Roth IRA account for both of my parents? Or does it have to be their bank account? I want to deposit 500 every month into their account.

    5 AnswersPersonal Finance6 years ago
  • Roth IRA withdrawal limit?

    Is there a limit to how much I can withdraw from my Roth IRA account in a year after the age of 60 and the 5 year rule?

    1 AnswerPersonal Finance6 years ago
  • Car dealership is holding on the car contract?

    I've recently purchased a car out of state -Iowa- where my parents live and now they are calling me for an Iowa ID and won't send me the license plate until I show them the ID. The problem is I'm a Illinois resident and can't have 2 IDs from different states. They told the only solution is to re do all the paperwork which mean I will have to pay more for the taxes.

    What do or can I do if I refuse to sign the new paperwork? Can I return the car?

    2 AnswersBuying & Selling6 years ago