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  • Is UN the symbol of slave to 5 nations holding security council powers. is it authorized to solve the problems of whole nation of the world.?

    there r lot of pending problems especially international disputes among the nations,the Boarder disputes among the neighbors of world by which innocent people r been killed and the humanity suffer.

    does UN is a slave of 5 SCP or it has a role to play without any discrimination. if UN is made on the aspect of to keep peace of among the world disputes/pending in UN int.court of justice

    then why they does not involve and solve the problems. why is it not so .does he has been paralyzed or it is not having the powers of solving them.

    they engulf the huge amounts of salaries hence they r enemy of the crops sown from the soil with a hard labour.

    1 AnswerGovernment6 years ago
  • was the Sikh founder, Baba Nanak a Muslim?

    He spent most of his life visiting Muslim shrines. he visited Arab, iran, iraq, afganistan, Kashmir, although he was born in a hindu family. The Granth Sahib is mostly comprised on Quranic Stances and the muslims called him a Baba means a Fakir.

    Besides his resting place is unknown neither in Amritsar nor in Lankana Sahib Pakistan and his body has been flown to heavens.

    6 AnswersReligion & Spirituality6 years ago
  • How would u describe the world without womenfolk & for womanfolk the universe without menfolk.?

    wont it be a silly thing to moan and shout for eachother.

    for me, i would then be singing like

    Tutak Tutak Tutiyan, Hay Jamaloo

    Hay Tutak Tutak Tutiyan , Aay Jamaloo

    Tera Niqa Bada Soona,

    Us pa Sona Man Moona

    Hey Jamaloo

    Hay Tutak Tutak Tutiyan Hay Jamaloo

    Oh, Jamaloo were R u dear.I am undoned here.

    6 AnswersPhilosophy7 years ago
  • r u repenting on your born(present status)does u aspire for a new 2nd birth chance to live better life styles.?

    u r repenting on ur present born status that u had wasted ur life for nothing or u had been created wastelessly.

    does u want another chance to reborn or u want a new birth of 2nd life so that wastes/losses done in previous may be recurred back in 2nd life.shall u may not err again as u know to err is to sin and vice.

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  • is blood pressure(hypertension) responsible for more and erectile /hard erections.does diabetes opposes it.?

    my yar, my erections are so hard and high that while when sleep, erection starts and when i wake up in the morning it is also in erectile function despite 12 years of my marriage and a record of 20 years of it a sign of hypertension and does God forbid Diabetes lessens the libido and erectile functions.

    only expert advise please, brokers excuse me.

    8 AnswersDiabetes7 years ago

    I go to work after taking of 2 pieces of roti /bread in morning

    while lunch time i also eat 2 bread pieces as normal routine

    but while after office when i reach home back, i starts searching for eating all the things and items present at home. i do not care for others whether they r left by something or not. whatever i get viz, rice, roti, fruits, 5 cups of tea. when my belly is fully overloaded, i fell down to rest and my belly pains sometimes. after that i am not able to do anything and go for sleep.

    me seems it wrong. my family members thrash upon me by saying that u r a jin. is there any medicine which will feel my belly fully loaded despite eating a less. r there some remedies. my weight is 80 kgs with a height of 5.8 inches at present. i am afraid of. what is wrong with me.

    3 AnswersInfectious Diseases7 years ago
  • Is not Air Tel India a Chor Company? it always stoles from the recharges?

    i downloaded a free game after recharge of net pack.

    i wondered that they deducted RS. 40 from the amount first

    then i again downloaded a free game again as my balance was Rs. 30

    they also deducted it and when i contacted the CCE he tells

    that net providers has deducted which was a paid game and it can not be refunded.

    what is this their co-ck and bull story when my 150 mbs were balance

    how can they deducted the amounts from balances of a phone.

    r they not thieves. the loots. bloody fu-ck in company.

    2 AnswersCorporations7 years ago
  • what will happen to the world if perverseness grabs its worth to all the masses?

    what will happen if dishonesty and disloyalty spread among all in the world.

    would it not going against what we read in the schools that honesty is the best policy.

    i mean to say that nowaday tense is off satin and every body going pervert

    would am be wrong to say that

    lie is ruling the truth and the honesty is begging for pardons

    6 AnswersPhilosophy7 years ago
  • is humanity go / went / gone? is it the end lines of the world.?

    should a human being cheat others even on small matters just for his only benefits.

    has human became inhumane. shall the time is nearby when humans start eating human flesh due to their deeds and creeds.

    what is u guys and gals sincere opinions.

    7 AnswersPhilosophy7 years ago
  • Does Really in todays world, anyone have the God fear.Does he care for other's losses?

    does having the fear of God means something to act on a thing before thinking about GOd or his consciousnesses, that he has to be answerable for his deeds or misdeeds.

    do their is any person who fears the God and thinks for welfare of a person that he might loose by his ill deeds or so on..................

    or the greed of worldly thing kept him mum.

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  • poll:-what will happen of Indian law and what will become of its constitution?

    my ordinary means a simple and straight forward case is running in high court since 2003 for re engagement of Govt. employment which was quashed by the higher ups of the Deptt. Though court granted me an interim relief of re engagement in 2005 which was not implemented and contempt was lodged in 2005. the court put to hearing for its final decision in 2007 which was again put in 2011 for final hearings but yet it is not decided though i am having proper approvals of my employment. 2/3 of my life has been wasted in courts. Now i am on pins. shall an ordinary man get justice from Indian law and constitution which says from one side that justice delayed is justice denied.when will India change. will that be dooms day......

    and what shall i do to whom shall i eat. should i lift the weapons and become a terrorist..... what is ur opinion.

    1 AnswerGovernment7 years ago
  • Do u know that corruption starts from courts itself in india?

    My case is been listed in 2007 in high court for final hearing but yet it is not deceided since 2013 is passing despite several requests urgency memos and i suspect indian law is just a showcause to pursive the janta that law n order persists to befool the general public in providing the jistice in right time. Am i rigjt

    1 AnswerLaw & Ethics7 years ago
  • How to set wi fi in samsung duos 5282?

    I asked from BSNlL ait tel of no use

    They being service providers& not knowing

    1 AnswerComputer Networking7 years ago
  • what is the risk of sexing with animals?

    is there any chance of getting pregnant with and infection if so what is the cure

    i mean to say if we do sex with animals like mare and ***** is there any chance they get pregnant and infection.

    5 AnswersOther - Pets7 years ago
  • is America going to be proved as "DAJAAL". like firhoun 2 or namruod the 2nd.?

    it is known that america is Jadaal at present time.

    will he be eminent by the name of Dajaal later on.

    a Jadaal means a mental crank who is too poor and indecent incist, hampering for evil,ill wills and bad in search of peace of mind which he never ever gets

    wherein Dajaal means the name mentioned in all testimonies sent, like zabour, tourah, injeel and qur'an. that he will be the most ever wicked and evil menace damnname on the land who will be fought back fully by a spiritual person of whose he had promised a 2nd life being the follower of , to reborn.because against Firhoun fought one lion of the desert MUSA(A.S) OR MUZAZ(A.S)AND against Namroud fought one brave mightier knightingale of desert ABRAHIM (a.s)

    as both were claiming the be the God, bullying and imperial excesses over the livings.

    and the follower who is to reborn might fight against the evil odds of the times. is it so.

    if it being so then can not it be said that chess game will be oddly badly defeated by their own checkmates in the game. i mean to say that would jesus or Eesa (a.s) going to fight back that menacy evil who trys to be Dajaal.

    2 AnswersPolitics8 years ago
  • america is a bully and imperial to the Muslim world. why it is so and what he want to gain & prove in it.?

    America played the game of 9/11 and then lobed a man hunt against the Muslims all around the world in the name of his so called terrorism.where ever Muslims lived,america started terrifying the Muslims.he even involved his ponging nose into the affairs of iraq - kuwait conflict and massacred the iraqis by false labels of having supersonic weapons later which was found all hoax and then started to tease Iran, then he jumped into Afghanistan against the search of ladin and despite there success they r still attacking the Muslims by drones and laser bombs and used there tooth to nail power in sabotage of Taliban as they were the rulers of their own area. Taliban was nothing to chased for, but being Muslims america labelled them radicals and is now on its last legs to stand there. america forgot here that it is not phalastein wherein stones r answered by bullets. all knows america could not survive there more and long. because Taliban has nothing to loss and nothing to gain and they r the real warriors of worth salutes. is it real that america wants to put to an end really to their so called terrorism against Muslims or he wants to eradicate Muslims and want to show his supremacy. or he want to gain in from it in order to rule the revenues resources of the world. what does he want to prove and is not he much responsible in spreading the hatred in the world as Israel does and gave rise to their so called terrorism in the Muslim world especially in Arab world.

    i mean to say if they really want to curb the menace of terror they should see to it by negotiations if they feel insecure to Muslims.

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  • israel is the illegitimacy of Arab world born in the womb of america.?

    when Hitler was chasing them and they came to refuge at Phalastein and the Muslims there give shelter to them at that crucial time. and now the situation had gone that Israel kills them and poor Phalasteians can not do anything without lobing the stones at them and the whole world is keeping mum despite seeing the excess done. why is it so can not we tell the israel is illegal and illegality of america.

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