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I am missing my left kidney <3

  • Is it illegal to pee in a subway?

    So I was on the subway with my fiance (yes we are still together) and I really needed to use the bathroom. I went to the corner and unclothed myself on the lower half, just so nobody could see it. When I went back to my fiance, he got MADd? He said that what I did was illegal. Is it illegal if I don't show my genitals? THIS IS NOT A JOKE. Is it a crime or not? I need an answer soon!!!

    41 AnswersLaw & Ethics8 months ago
  • Can deaf people hear their own thoughts?

    Like the people who were born deaf and were deaf their entire lives and can't hear sound at all. 

    2 AnswersPeople with Disabilities8 months ago
  • How do you cool someone down?

    My fiance recently got mad at me after I threatened to call off an engagement. He is furious!!!?! How do I make someone LESS mad at me? Help please? 

    13 AnswersWeddings9 months ago
  • What color is a cake?

    Me and my fiance have been in an argument. He claims that the color of cake is tan, but I believe that cakes can come in a multitude of colors. Can someone please help me? Just know that I am not afraid to call off any engagement :^).

    12 AnswersWeddings9 months ago
  • Why isn't my leopard gecko eating?

    My gecko hasn't eaten anything for several weeks. My friend says that it's normal, but I'm not sure. Should I take her to the vet?

    2 AnswersReptiles9 months ago