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  • can a "low straight flush" hand beat "4 aces" in poker?

    i know a Royal Flush or a.k.a. High Straight Flush (10 - J - Q - K - A) is the best possible hand, but if the straight hand contains low numbers/cards :

    player A : 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7

    player B : 4 Aces

    who wins?

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  • how can i protect my wifi connection from being blocked?

    all the tutorials i found from Google is to "block someone's wifi connection",

    but what i want is to "protect/secure my own wifi connection from being blocked by someone".

    6 AnswersComputer Networking3 months ago
  • what kind of seizure i am having (pls read details)?

    sometimes, once in a day, mostly when i'm about to sleep or already sleeping or just laying on a bed, i feel my muscles kinda stiffen suddenly, just once, not like a real seizure which seems like electrocuted. in my case, it only happens in a blink of an eye, but pretty shocked anytime it happens, and sometimes can even wake me up from sleep.

    i read articles and explanations about seizures like "tonic" and "clonic" seizures, the tonic one seems like the milder version, but even so it says it could happen for 20 seconds while for me it's only for a split second. so i'm confused as to what kind of seizure i am having. is it still a tonic but (perhaps) the mildest symptom?

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  • can we call Cortana without the "hey" part?

    i mean, just the name, no "hey"

    Software8 months ago
  • can someone help me understand the old question about V-RAM?

    awkward question but Yahoo Answers only allows questions in the form of, well, 'questions', umm...with 'forced' question mark.

    anyway, some articles i found say that V-RAM (virtual) allows the computer/system to load large programs that we wouldn't be able to if we have shortage of P-RAM (physical), but they run slowly.#1 : what's the difference with having a shortage of P-RAM? because i can still run many or large programs and they also run slowly (the memory activity reached 100%)i have a decent PC (Core i5 and Nvidia GTX 1050), but the only problem is i only have 8GB of P-RAM. if the system reserves 2GB, the VGA takes 2GB, and a game needs 4GB, the memory activity will reach at least ~95%, then the game gets laggy/choppy.#2 : if i convert some of my free memory (either from HDD or external) into 4GB of V-RAM, i know it won't make anything any faster, but will it at least make the game run normally? or at least a bit smoother? will it have any considerable difference?

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  • what is the most bug/glitch-free PC game?

    absolutely no bug, glitch or any exploit whatsoever. and no sports, fighting and racing games please.

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  • are smartphone repair services always have to reset the system no matter what the broken part is?

    here's the story :

    1. my phone is broken, it won't turn on, and i know liquid is the culprit and the broken part is the monitor/screen. so i brought it to the official service center first, the mechanic said that it's indeed the monitor that's broken. when he tried to replace it with a new one, it turned on like normal and the system/data is intact. but couldn't claim the insurance for some reason, so i have to pay for $50 for the new monitor (free service fee). i didn't have that much money, so he suggested that i bring it to the dealer from where i bought the phone, i can claim the store's 3rd party insurance there.

    2. when i brought it to the dealer/retailer store, he said that they can repair it for free, the monitor changed, everything's back to normal, but it will be reset to factory state, and thus, LOSE ALL DATA. wtf?! i asked why but the store couldn't provide a solid answer, he said it's the 3rd party's policy. i told them "sir, i already brought it to the service center and they said the system/data would be saved and intact, no loss at all because it's only the monitor that needs to be replaced and he proved it to me in front of my very eyes, so what's the problem here? why couldn't you just do what they would do? replace the monitor, and end this story". he just said "it's the 3rd party's policy, it's beyond our responsibility by the time your phone gets in their hands". **** !!

    2 AnswersCell Phones & Plans10 months ago
  • How long can a person endure themselves, their thoughts, and their feelings?

    i'm a failed person, not married and can't even find a job, companies in my country always looking for "paper" rather than "skill", i can't blame them though.

    i feel so much hate for myself. but i kept denying it and holding it back.

    my father never trust in me since i was an elementary student, although i always proved to him by always came out on top 3 in my school at every graduation, up until high school, but seeing what i have become right now, i guess he's right. and since i was a kid i kept telling myself that life is beautiful and i have to endure it, i kept being a good person, i like making many friends. i helped many people, i often broke my bones to save someone. i'm extremely happy to see people happy even on little things, so sad i could cry if i see people sad, i even shed tears seeing someone dropped her ice cream last week at the park so i bought her another one.

    yet despite all of that, i failed to develop myself and build my own life. 2 times failed in serious relationship, both my fiancee left me for someone else with no reason, but i know the blame's on me.

    the thoughts about "life is beautiful" has always shielding me from killing myself, positive feelings has always been my weapon to fight the urge. i'm proud to say that i'm not suicidal, and despite my own personal life is ugly, it's true that life in general is beautiful, the world is beautiful.

    i can endure the voices, but for how long? i'm just a human with a simple mind, and i'm tired.

    1 AnswerPsychology10 months ago
  • can "crazy" people call themselves crazy?

    to avoid answers i probably wouldn't like, by "crazy" i mean mentally or psychologically ill person.

    2 AnswersPsychology10 months ago
  • If you can give a person a superhuman power, how much would you charge for it?

    this is not a troll question, or maybe it is, but it's just for fun, we can all share our imaginations. don't take it seriously. so please, don't answer with your judgment, but simply just answer it. the wilder it is the better.

    back on topic, here's the detail :

    let's say you have a power to turn a person, just a single person, to become some sort of a superman, that includes the ability to fly, etc. now you want to sell your service, one time only, for a price, how much would you charge for it?

    the payment can be anything, it could be a sum of money, object (includes an island or even a country), or even special privileges (e.g. become the next president).

    now the strict rule is, you cannot charge it for something impossible (although all of this is impossible) like "i want the earth/moon/sun" or "i want the universe" or "i want my deceased loved one to come back to life", just no, nobody can give those kinds of things to you, so will not have a buyer.

    and this is NOT about inheritance, you DO NOT have the power, so cannot keep it to yourself either, you can only give it to another person.

    let me give you an example, my personal price is :

    i want a library containing all the books in the world about science, history, and all documents about scientific research/results, all historical documents. and everything is also includes the forbidden/banned ones, no exception. i love science and history, and all that curious documented secrets.

    so, have fun with your imaginations.

    3 AnswersOther - Social Science10 months ago
  • what reasons can make a guy turns gay?

    i'm straight, not into homosexuality, nor hate it, i just wanna know.

    because a friend of mine who graduated from psychology said that most gays (at least in my country) started from rape sodomy, you know, when a guy sticks his stick at his victim's butt, then the victim would mostly turn gay, no matter he liked it or not, because my friend said a guy couldn't deny the satisfaction he felt when the stick comes in, even if he hated the incident and most likely also hate the proprietor who did it to them. they just can't deny the feeling that they say it is good.

    i personally don't believe this, i mean of course people hate being raped, even worse by the same gender, that feeling of hatred alone can be a good reason to also hate the feeling when that schtick shoved up the ***, how can they say it feels good?

    but alas, i'm not a psychologist so i ask this out of curiosity.

    and no, my friend was not making fun of it, i can tell he's serious about what he says, we even argued heavily about this for about an hour, but he insisted on his argument.

    and as you would've guessed, when he says "i'm the psychologist here", i lose the argument and lost for words. maybe he's one of the victims i dunno

  • what sad songs that are too depressing to the original singers to sing it?

    sometimes there are cases that a singer is reluctant to sing their own song because it's too depressing even for them to sing it. there's even a singer who refused to add a certain song to her album because it's too depressing, but finally published it after much much later.

    3 AnswersOther - Music11 months ago
  • why do i easily surprised/shocked over something that i foresaw, guessed, or predicted earlier?

    i've asked this a long time ago before but got no answer. i'll try it again:

    normally, or most people, would be shocked over something they don't know.

    ex.: my wife was washing the dishes (while singing), then i surprised her from behind. she was shocked of course, because she didn't know i was coming at her. 

    but in my case, if i were in my wife's position, i wouldn't be shocked at all, i don't know she was coming, but i feel nothing when she surprised me. instead, i would be shocked if i predicted or guessed beforehand that "someone is behind me now", and when my guess is right/happens, i'm really shocked, my heartbeat would rise for minutes.

    another cases :

    1. i was working in my house (office room), late at night. when an old grandpa clock stroke at midnight. i feel nothing, though before it stroke i didn't know it was just minutes before midnight because i was too focused on my work to look at the clock on my laptop, and the clock sound was pretty loud too.

    2. i was watching tv alone while eating some snacks in the afternoon (my day off, and my wife was out to groceries). then somehow i feel that "something/someone is behind me", and when i turned my face to check it, i was really shocked that my "guess was right", although it's just my dog (no ghost story here).

    it's just a few examples, but this happens all the time.

    1 AnswerPsychology11 months ago
  • how do scientists know how much flora/fauna species that have been discovered?

    it says that only around 14% of all fauna have been discovered.

    but how could we know how much we have found when we never know how much is yet to be found/or the total number? that 14% could actually be less, or even close to complete.

    example : imagine there's a pool, full of different colors of balls. you are tasked to find the golden ones but never told about how many golden balls are there. let's say you have found five, how could you know the remaining number of balls? it's not that God will literally tell you "hey, there's still 20 more in there", right?

    4 AnswersOther - Science12 months ago
  • Can a football club sign a random person?

    like a person who doesn't have any background regarding football (even if the person is good at football).

    e.g., a store clerk, a cleaning service, a teacher, a company CEO.

    4 AnswersOther - Soccer12 months ago
  • what kind of system do "Slenderman" game uses?

    you know, when the antagonist stalks you when you re not looking, similar like in "SCP Containment Breach" game. i m just looking for more games like that but i don t know the right keyword.

    1 AnswerVideo & Online Games2 years ago
  • how much can i charge my client for a book translation job?

    how much is the average price, if it's calculated :

    1. per word

    2. per cumulative words (e.g. per 2000 words, etc.)

    3. per page

    4. per cumulative pages (e.g. per 100 pages, etc)

    5. per book (presumably 27.000 words)

    3 AnswersSmall Business2 years ago
  • how can IDM software download so fast?

    i'm sure most people know about Internet Download Manager.

    while browsers can only download with so much speed, IDM can download even faster, about 5 times faster than browsers, or 10 times if it's a peak-hour (when most people sleep), i can get about 10MB/sec.

    i mean, if the software manipulates something with our computer's/system's connection before beginning to download, maybe we can manipulate or modify it ourselves so we can get a high speed anytime, with any PC, without using the software.

    well, it's just a thought, if it's really something that only the software can provide, then nothing we can do.

    1 AnswerSoftware2 years ago