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  • Can a co-signer take over house payments? ?

    Two people purchased a home together an one of them decided they want their own home.  Can the primary signer branch off and get another home and let the co-signer take over the payments   Both of them have good credit.  They get along good and this isn't an argument. Does the co-signer have to refinance everything or everything automatically goes in his or her name?

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  • How to fix a faucet or stool that makes noises when turned on and flushed?

    All of a sudden when I flush the stool and turn the faucet on at the same time it makes a humming noise.  If I flush first and then turn the faucet on I don't hear a loud humming sound. First I cleaned an my aerator and filters because they was filthy.  I did replace aerator and filter in the bathroom that is making the noise.  I thought that would do the trick, but I heard the noise again.  What is wrong with my stool or faucet.  I hear the noise coming from my stool not my faucet. I don't want to call a plumber because they can be quite expensive.  

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  • I received a stimulus check, but why didn't my husband receive a stimulus check?

    My husband and I receive social security and don't file taxes.  I received a stimulus check, but my husband didn't.  I got mine in April and it was direct deposit.  My husband keeps looking and checking his account and still nothing.  We called the IRS and they said they are still distributing the checks and had no information.  The strangest thing about it, I constantly go on the website and click Get My Payment and it keeps saying:  The information does not match our records.  We both get our mail at a Post Office, direct deposit, and don't file. On the IRS webiste I entered the Post office box number and the physical address and it still say this information does not match our records.  My husband doesn't owe anybody, but he does have a son named after him. We think they may have gotten them mixed up.  He doesn't have a relationship with his son and haven't contacted him for a long time.  How can we find out if someone filed him on their taxes?  Are we entering the information on the website correctly?  Please help.

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  • Will there be another stimulus check?

    This is a mess and I am not going to sit around and be stressed out waiting on a decision to pass another stimulus check.  While businesses are suffering, people need money to pay their bills and eat, people not having the ability to work while others are afraid to step out the door.  People it's time to look out for yourself.  Stop worrying about your credit cards and other bills.  As long as you have food and shelter leave the other things on the back burner and/or forget about paying them. I feel sorry for the credit cards because they may never get their money.   I think someone said it will be a food shortage and now all of the deep freezers started selling like crazy.  With this coronavirus going on and hurricane season around the corner, we are living in the last day. 

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  • What do I do with the Mortgage Assistance information on my tax return?

    I usually complete my return every year on taxact and it's usually so simple, but this year I received a Mortgage Assistance form and don't know what to do with it.  I received some assistance in 2019 for mortgage assistance.  I called the IRS number and the options are awful.  When I finished pressing the options and narrowed it down they directed me to the website.  I couldn't find any info on this topic that can help me.  My question is, do I file the info?  what will happen if I don't file the info? I didn't see where I can enter the info on taxact, but I did enter my info for my 1098 for the mortgage interest.  How and Where do I enter the information for the mortgage assistance?  I also called the Mortgage Assistance number and they told me to contact IRS or my tax advisor.  I can't get thru the IRS and don't have a tax advisor.  Thanks

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  • How do you start Quickbooks?

    I enrolled in this class and totally lost.  I have to take it because of my major and this is the one that I decided to complete last because I knew it was complicated.  I went thru all the necessary steps but when I get to the file storage location I don't see a file. I keep looking thru the assignment and don't see anything I suppose to download.  I have been stuck on this for a day and can't get in touch with the teacher to ask him.  I do have a file manager I had to download on my desktop, but that's empty. After choose file and then choose the open or restore company command, I go to choose restore a portable file and click next.  Then it say, navigate to your file storage location and click on a file and click open.  Click on what file?  I don't see a file.  I keep looking thru the assignment and I don't see any files to download.  Can someone help me?

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  • My sink is clogged and have tried everything?

    I have a double sink with a garbage disposal.  I used liquid plumber, the snake chain, took the pipes apart and didn't see a clog, but it was some black buildup but nothing to clog the sink.  Took the garbage disposal apart and cleaned it out.  Took the snake chain and as far as it would go.  The thing that puzzles me is when I let the water run on both sides the water runs thru.  As soon as I make dish water and wash dishes and let the water out, the water fills up on both sides backed up.  Does anyone have any suggestions?

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  • Can someone give a bus driver some advice?

    Hi I am a bus driver and need some advice. What can be a good discipline when students want to walk on the bus while the bus is moving? I was thinking about suspending them.  

  • Have anyone ever known a job NOT ask for your SSN and/or Driver's License or Identification?

    I put the information on the application, not the DL information, but the SSN was on the application. I started this job last month and was hired and never once did they ask me for any id, DL, or SSN. I felt like maybe before I get my first check, they will ask me for the information. To my surprise they handed me my first check. All the jobs I had they always asked for it and made a copy.

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  • Attachment image

    Can someone please help me to setup dual monitors?

    I have been at this all day and very frustrated. I have a computer with VGA and HDMI. I have first monitor with only a VGA and my second monitor is a VGA and some other hook up, its not HDMI, its like white or something. I added a photo of the second monitor. I had it hooked up before, but I had to move it to another location and can't remember how to do it.

    This is what I have:

    Monitor with VGA hookup only

    Another monitor with VGA hookup and another hookup in photo

    Computer I have VGA and HDMI hookup

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  • What will happen if you don't sign for a certified letter from a job?

    I recently departed from a job and they are telling me I was terminated and I resigned. One day I get home and a note from the postman was stuck on my door about a certified letter that need to me signed. It was from my previous job. I am not signing for that letter because I wasn't terminated, I resigned. I know they will send it back to the employer, but what will happen if I don't sign?

    8 AnswersLaw & Ethics2 years ago
  • What is suspicious of cancer?

    Hi everyone, I am a 50 year old who had my yearly mammogram exam. Yesterday I was told my mammogram came back as suspicious of cancer in my left breast(lump in my left breast}. I can't eat or sleep. I am horrified. I don't know what to do. My body is numb and I keep thinking the worst. I have another appointment for them to take a closer look. I know someone have been thru this and I want to hear your version and what happen. I am single and just purchased a home. I have a son who is living with me 21 years old and he started crying and crying. I had to tell him and I also needed someone to talk too. I feel especially bad because if its the worst I am thinking about my health, my son, family, and my home I just purchased. Please someone help me.

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  • Can someone help me out with this excel problem?

    In cell B8, create a formula without using a function that determines the total interest associated with the mortgage. First, multiply the value in cell B6 (the number of terms) by the value in cell B7 (the number of monthly payments) and by 12 (to convert the yearly terms to monthly terms), and then subtract the value in cell B4 (the total loan amount). I can't get past this one to finish the last two. Can someone help me, please?

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  • I sometimes feel a small lump in my left breast and afraid to go to the doctor, what can I do?

    Hi, I am a 50 year mom. I have been worried and can't sleep. In 2016 I had my mammogram and the results came back as suspicious activity on my left breast. Imagine waiting for the doctor to setup an appointment for an biopsy. I waited and waited and no on never called(I called too, but no one would ever answer the phone, I even left messages). After I kinda forgot, someone called to setup an appointment and I was mad because they forgot about me. Anyway I got back scared again and told them I will follow up with another doctor. I never did. Now it's 2018 and I feel a tiny lump in my left breast and my back, shoulder hurts. I was given some pain pills because a doctor said it's because I am a bus driver, but I never said anything about my breast. Now my back, side of my neck, and shoulder is hurting and I am afraid to go to the doctor, It could be nothing but I can't talk to someone. One day I might feel a tiny lump, while the next week it's nothing there. I am paranoid!

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  • Can you code your medical records confidential to another county?

    Let me give an example. Suppose I go to another county to receive treatment, do they send my treatment to the county I live in or could I say confidential?

    6 AnswersLaw & Ethics2 years ago
  • I have horrible bugs flying around and I used triazicide and I still see them around my door, windows, and cars. What are they?

    The summer has started and I am having some problems with flying insects. They are not mosquitoes or gnats. They don't bite. They fly around my bushes, cars, trash cans, windows, and door. So far I have used Cutter, Bug Spray, and Triazicide. I can't seem to get rid of them. They are awful. I have to run in my house in order to avoid them. They are not in the back, but in the front in the shed. I don't think they like the sun so they fly around the front in the shed. Can someone give me some advice?

    3 AnswersOther - Home & Garden2 years ago
  • Can I use a Display port hdmi to dvi for dual monitors to show two different displays?

    I have a laptop that have HDMI port and a monitor with a VGA and DVI port. I want my laptop and monitor to be independent showing two different displays, NOT two of the same displays Can I buy a Display port HDMI to DVI adapter in order to have different display on my laptop and a different display on my monitor? Please help!!!

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  • How can I setup dual computers without a dvi port on computer?

    I have two monitors with dvi and vga port, but my computer only have a vga port. I was looking for something that can convert into a dvi in order for me to plug in my computer to my second monitor. The first monitor is plugged in with a vga cord, now I don't have an extra port such as a vga on my computer nor do I have a dvi port either. I do have both ports on both monitors. Can someone please help me? I went on amazon to order an adapter and ordered the wrong one. Does anyone have any suggestions on another way to connect two monitors to my computers?

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