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  • help in buying laptop?

    need a good laptop , max range rs.50 thousand, better within 45 thsnd.

    4 AnswersLaptops & Notebooks9 years ago
  • wat will b a gud laptop fr students and also havin a reasonable price?

    studyn comp scienc means using fr programmin n all,, plz mention the deails n prices if can

    4 AnswersLaptops & Notebooks9 years ago
  • trouble with emotions. want help in overcomin..its long i should say.. u'll b needin patience?

    to be frank, i was totally not an emotional girl,, quite the tomboy kind.. still not so comfortable with bitching and all stuff.. m quite frank at the face and have changed the most in this 1 yr

    so my problem is.. i made a good friend,, i was quite emotionally disturbed with my surroundings at that time.. it was his goodness that helped me stick, somebody that wont back bush you or others,, nt the pure kind obviously and same as any other guy.. i have no problem cz i ws not going for any bf-gf stuff.. it was good talking,, jst a mind refresher in midst of all we all were going through.. so den..i guess he started liking me in between and thought the same back.. i was not, i really didn knw at first but obviouslly, any body is not that dumb to know.. and it was **** then... i could'nt do anything cz that ws another thing i didn want,, and someday confronting it was evn harder.

    i tried to act that i didn know cz i hd no idea what i should do,, i couldn ask for help too, i myself was still filled with all the problems and i wasnt healed yet from my mental distress and this was another thing i had to handle,, and it sicked me evn more.. i couldn hate him, nor i could say anything,, e was too fragile with his emotions... things happed, but went quite coincidently.. he did things implying to me his feelings but in real i got them all late, in the very wrong time.. but for him he saw all the right reactions from me to move ahead. thats what was coincidental, whatever i did actually turned right for him..

    he gav me a present on my birthday, which totally meant his felings.. i felt screwed the most then. it was the hardest part to face. i had to tell him the next day and i didnt know how. i felt a tinge of anger too, donno for whom, myself or him or for any other person..

    i told him what i had,, though i had feelingz but i couldn say that to any1, not evn myself, so i tld him wat i tht i shd hv,, and e does denied the thought.. a hell. now ez denying, running away, not facing me and i was feeling real bad, i didn want him to suffer but i couldn see any other options.. hurting sm1 close is hard.. i said i had to return the gift, i couldn tae it home... ( u must be feeling, m so heart less, but with the rest situation i had, i had to break a piece o me along with his).. i felt sic after that..

    now we are away, still in contact, i have got somebit of my rational; mind back but the other day when a friend asked me whether i had somthn fr him, i felt like a dagger has been sliced in my chest, and evrything was empty inside me, i denied.. though i thought i had got over him,, sometimes it jst doesnt seem so like the instance i showed, though the feeling has lessened over time. i want him to move on.. but donno whether he still has. we talk nw too, like good frnz agn, but i still have dat feeling of me doing a lot bad to him and always feeling guilty,, i have already said sorry to him,,still

    1 AnswerLanguages9 years ago
  • some freak disturbance. help?

    some freak has been texting me and calling asking my details, saying wanted to be friends. first call i received , i cut it. then he texted and i asked him to **** off. when i thought he actually did, he started to call again, first few i ignored then didnt answer. obviously i wouldnt. he sent a few text too . how do i shut him up?

    5 AnswersOther - Society & Culture1 decade ago
  • has everybody a split personality hidden?

    if normal people do not have split personality than how come they act angelic in one sec and demonic in the other. like they are laughing now and next sec u find them shouting on someone. everyone has seen it....i gs

    6 AnswersPsychology1 decade ago
  • if the "boys better"-"girls better" fight worth it?

    every now and then you'll find this question pop out of nowhere. and in a few seconds all hell breaks loose. is it really worth fighting, i mean, whoever it is it doesnt really make any sense. you pick any task, you'll find some boys doing it great and also find some girls in it too, doing equally great. it might be exposure too. exposure's pretty high in urban society then rural. though, people are still obsessed with girls job and boys job stuff. people are changing and if not they definitely need to. you cant get any ground scooped up from this.

    3 AnswersOther - Society & Culture1 decade ago
  • if u wanted to make a very simple tool/machine that would help u in some way, what would that be?

    a machine that u would like to create and help loosen up your work load. what kind of a machine will that be. it is not necessary the object must exist in reality, something you always dreamed to have but never found in markets. a very simple one

    2 AnswersOther - Electronics1 decade ago