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  • Bakers cyst VS DVT?

    Hi all- I am 4 months post partum next week

    I have had calf pain in my right leg for about 2months now. I had 2 ultrasounds a month ago and a D-dimer of which were negative. I had another by a different dr last week which showed fluid in my knee and a bakers cyst. I’m worried this is actually a clot- as the two can imitate each other. 

    I don’t understand why if I have a cyst and not a clot behind my knee, why the pain in the calf? Pain sometimes goes to my thigh. calf is tender to the touch & spasms often. It feels like a burning/aching sensation.

    Should I look for more answers?

    I’m not sold on this being caused by a bakers cyst.

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  • Deep vein thrombosis negative?

    I had a negative D-Dimer following an ultrasound and a second follow up ultrasound a week after. 

    I still have burning in my Back right calf. I’m 3months post partum. 

    If it’s not DVT, wondering what it could be?

    It’s not painful per say, but uncomfortable.

  • What are the odds of having DVT?

    Whats the chance I have Deep vein thrombosis? 

    I am 3 months PP-2 months ago I got a cramp in my right calf it came & went a few days on and off now it’s almost constant for last 4 weeks. Doesn’t hurt per say, just can feel it spasm & feels like I worked out and is sore/tender. Sometimes it’s just tingly feeling. 

    Mainly on the back right calf on the left side.

    Sometimes I have a feeling on right side of calf also.

    I had one ultrasound then another a week later- both were clear. I have read that US for calf is 50% so I’m worried it wasn’t caught. I’m a mom of two small kiddos so just trying to get this figured out. 

    Should I ask to see a specialist? What should I do next? Thanks!

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