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    What is this plant/seed?

    So Im walking in the park looking for things to bring home and cook. I come upon this plant that is interesting. It looks like a bush or low tree about 6 ft tall/4 feet wide. Spaced out and not full branches. The seeds look similar to Osage orange seeds but smaller; the size of one's thumb. What plant is thus, does anyone know?

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    What type of spider is this?

    So I found this spider and it looks similar to a male black widow but not exactly the same. Do you happen to know what type it is? Is it a false widow? Its about the size of a penny when its legs are spread/walking.

    2 AnswersZoology3 months ago
  • Music video who is this?

    I know this is a long shot, but here we go. Between the years 1997-2009 I saw a music video that I would like to hear the song to, but can't remember the band, song name or lyrics. All I can remember is an image from the music video. A white slim man who looks very similar to a young Billy Idol or a young Mike Dirnt (guitarist from Green Day) on a table, with no shirt, wearing skinny white pants with bleach blonde spiky hair. He was leaning against a pole with pink lights behind him as he sang. I think he was a rock singer. If I remember correctly there's also another scene where he is overdosing in a back room.

    Like I said it's a long shot, but if you think you know who he is or the song I'd really appreciate it.

    Thank you

    Rock and Pop9 months ago
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    What type of Caterpillar is this?

    My sister and I have been finding these Caterpillars around our house for the past few weeks and are unable to identify them. They are greenish-yellow, long and short fur, a black head and have parallel black spots up and down its back. It is not a Black Walnut Tree Catapillar as the colors do not match, markings are different and neither I nor m6 sister have had any skin reactions from hold it. We live in Michigan. Photos of the Caterpillar are attached.

    1 AnswerBiology5 years ago
  • Help: name this movie?

    Ok it is a prison movie with a tough white man whos beefy while there is also a weaker black man. On thier visiting day they both have women who show up. The white mans is his daughter and the black mans is his lady lover. However right after the women get into the area for visitation the prison gets taken over and the lights dim down. The men fear for the women which is good to do so because, i cant remember it is either a gaurd or inmate, enters the holding area with the women and thewatens to rape them.

    I cant remembet the name it is driving me insane. I know it sounds like a bad movie but it is a great one.

    P.S. sorry for spelling errors, im writing on my phone.

    3 AnswersMovies6 years ago
  • Do you know the title of this horror movie?

    Ok so I have searched and searched but am unable to find out what the name of this movie is. It is very graphic. In the movie there are these teenagers that are in the woods at a cabin (no its not cabin fever...that movie isn't even scary) the cabin next to it has an old man who is spying on them (but he is not a bad guy). The teenagers disappear; this ex-surgen who lives in a cabin near by keeps taking them. When he takes them he lock them in cages. He takes all of them except for one of the male actors...because he was able to hid in the woods. In the movie the surgen will take one victim at a time and strap them to a is a girl who he injects her face with a numbing solution and then proceeds to cut off her face (she later dies once placed back in the cage) There is also a guy who is placed in the chair where his finger nails are ripped from his fingers and his tounge chopped from his mouth...I think he also popped his eye balls out (mind you both the girl and guy were awake screaming)

    While all of this is happening the guy who didnt get captured is trying to find his friends; talks to the cops who are not much help. The only person that really helps him is this little girl who turns out to be the ex-surgens daughter...she appears out of no where near a swing and helps him find his way to his friends.

    In the end he finally finds them and confronts this mad man surgen and ends up "killing" him with an axe (so he thinks) because when the cops arrive the man is gone as well as his daughter.

    SOOOOOOOOO my question is....CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME! I know it sounds like a messed up movie but it is awesome and I just want to know the name lol.

    Thank you

    2 AnswersMovies7 years ago
  • Exercise advice...muscle vs. fat.?

    Ok so I want to lose at least 10 lbs and Im thinking that I want to be as active as possible.

    I know that muscle weights more than fat but...

    My question however is, If I gain weight in muscle, will that weight later decrease as I keep exercising? or will I weight more but have less fat, and if thats the case will it make a difference in how I look?

    1 AnswerDiet & Fitness1 decade ago
  • Can anyone tell me how I can relax in these situations?

    So I've started to like myself more lately but whenever people start yelling or blaming things on me, my stomach turns into a knot and I feel sick.

    People screaming and yelling only thinking of themselves around me gets me distracted and then I cant concentrate and then I do bad in school and then I get called "stupid"

    Can anyone tell me how I can calm myself and feel better about myself when these situations occur?

    1 AnswerFamily1 decade ago
  • Bisexual question please help?

    I need help. Im a girl and I've wanted to try and date another girl...what do I say when a girl says "this is me making the first move, your turn" .....? please help me.

    6 AnswersSingles & Dating1 decade ago
  • My Media Player keeps saying....?

    I need some help. I have had media player on my computer for quite some time but for some reason, it wont let me listen to music or watch movies I get off of Frostwire... It let me before, I dont know whats wrong with it...

    the error looks like this

    Original Error Code


    Original Error Message

    Windows Media Player cannot play the file. The Player might not support the file type or might not support the codec that was used to compress the file.

    Please can someone tell me how to make it so I can listen and watch things on my media player again.

    2 AnswersSoftware1 decade ago
  • Does anyone know the name of this movie?

    I was wondering if anyone knew the name of this movie

    Its an animated movie

    Its has these three gothic children in it. Two are boys, one is kinda older and the other younger and then there is one older sister.

    In the movie there is a black cat and its kinda creepy

    at the end of the movie they three kids leave a house and walk out the front gate where the cat sits on top of the brick fance and is smiling really creepy at the younger boy who is being held in his sisters hands as they walk away.

    The house they are leaving from is really creepy and looks run down.

    This movie is older I remember it from when I was younger but cant remember the name of it. Does anyone have any ideas?

    1 AnswerMovies1 decade ago
  • which music video to "prisoners" wear blue jumpsuits in and wear weird masks?

    Ok can anyone answer this...

    Its a song that i forget the name of and how it goes but, in the music video, a bunch of people are wearing blue jumpsuits and weird masks ...then infront of them is a stage with the band that is singing....there are gaurds in the room but when the music starts playing people rip off their masks to prove they are differnt. what is the group and name of this song...

    1 AnswerR&B & Soul1 decade ago
  • If a laptop has Intel Pentium is it good?

    Ok Im looking for a computer and the one Im looking at has Intel Pentium and I was wondering if it was good.

    the computer is a gateway, are those good as well or no?

    7 AnswersLaptops & Notebooks1 decade ago
  • What does it mean when people say herpies can be spred through saliva?

    Ok, I just found out last night that my boyfriend has gential herpies.

    I was reading up on it and it said that herpies can be transmitted through saliva...does that mean that If I kiss him I can contract herpies?

    I havent had sex with him, and we havent even touched eachother, only kissing...

    Im kinda worried at the moment, I really dont want this virus but, I really like him.

    Can someone explain to me exactly how it can be spred...and if I kiss him, would I contract it?

    16 AnswersSTDs1 decade ago
  • My back looks hunched how do I make it straighter?

    Ok, Im 17 years old and I've noticed that, where my shoulder blades are, it looks like Im hunching my back.

    About 2 years ago, I had finally noticed that my back was always kinda hunched (like, I had bad posture) So I started to stand up straighter.

    I look at my friends and they look smaller than I am because they dont have a back like mine.

    Problem is, my back doesnt hurt.

    Im just thinking to myself, 'Wow, you look terible (bad spelling, Im half asleep) and what do your friends, bf and family think you look like.'

    Could anyone give me some tips on how to get a straighter back

    (I swear it also has to do with fat but, Im not all that fat)

    I was also wondering if someone could give me hints on trying to become a vegitarian...

    I would love any advice you'd give me.

    1 AnswerOther - Health1 decade ago
  • I dont understand what he means?

    Ok this is going to sound childish.

    I finally had my first kiss by a guy I really like and I thought he liked me back right, we hang out and everything.

    Well yesterday, I got a messege from him on myspace telling me to go to his myyearbook profile and look at his name.

    In his name it said

    (enter his name)(a few band names)(Ms.Rae owns "enter his last name here")

    Sorry, no one is looking up our sites...

    Well Rae is my nickname and so I thought he meant that he wants to be my boyfriend.

    So I wrote him back and he said, that hes not afraid to ask me anything but that hes just not ready...<--the dudes had sex before and he says hes nervous?! Im a freakin virgin UGH!

    What does he mean?

    I know hes "not ready" but he kissed me, jokes around all the time, is really sweet to me, made me dinner and is in a way protective of whats wrong?

    (note: I've never had a bf...I can give advice to others perfectly and it always works out for the people I help, whats wrong with me?)

    5 AnswersSingles & Dating1 decade ago
  • Do guys hate it if a girl is bigger than them?

    Ok, I dont really look that big right and Im still young but I was wondering, If guys hate it that girls sometimes have a tummy?

    I mean, I like this guy right, and he weighs like 130 lbs and I mean he is really really thin and I always get self concious of myself around him because I weigh 30 more lbs than him...but its in muscle.

    I mean he says that he could pick me up or that I could sit on his lap and Im always like no... even if I want to. I say no because I think I will crush him. : (

    You know when a guy hugs a girl from behind, like if your looking down at the city below you, and a guy comes up behind the girl and hugs her...his hands wrap around the girls waist or stomach and I mean, If he was to hold my stomach while hugging me, would that gross him out?

    HA! Then sometimes he wants to , (I really dont know what you call it but, its when someone pulls up your shirt and blows on your stomach making a farting noise and makes you laugh) He wants to do that cause hes cheesy lol but I have stretchmarks on my stomach (from when I was younger no I wasnt pregnant) Would he be grossed out by this?

    16 AnswersSingles & Dating1 decade ago
  • Running, I need answers please.?

    Ok, I joined running club last year, went down a pant size and everything...

    Now I gained weight, and am at the same pant size as I was before gaining some weight.

    I was told that, if you run, you turn fat into muscle and then as time goes on, you can lose weight but still have muscle <-- is this true?

    5 AnswersRunning1 decade ago
  • How can I get an asian man to like me?

    Ok if any of you have seen my other questions you might have noticed that I like asian men. I am 16 and I have never had a boyfriend. I really like asian men but whenever I told a guy that I liked them they...pull away? <--- I even have been a close friend to this one guy who is now back in Japan, I told him I liked him and he smiled, laughed and hid his face in his hair. I asked him if he liked me back and he was all smiley and like, "only as a good friend."

    I was wondering if any asian guys out there could give me some advice o how to become more than a friend. Please! ^-^

    P.S. I am a white woman with red hair., kinda short (5ft 2in).

    6 AnswersSingles & Dating1 decade ago