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  • Severe panic disorder and surgery?

    Is suffer from severe panic disorder and have to go for an operation. The injury is a very bad fracture of my ancle. The procedure is an ORIF. I am a healthy 32 year old female. I smoke but have no other illnesses except severe panic disorder. First surgery ever. As you can only imagine i am extreamly anxious about the surgery. The doctor confirmed a spinal will be done and that they will sedate met with 1mg Ativan. I will be awake but drowsy and calm. Q: what if i suffer a panic attack in theater. Will they be able to calm me down so that i do not freak out? I am also worried that my vitals will spike as my heart rate and bp always does when i am anxious? Any feedback to calm my racing thoughts?? Much appreciated.

    11 AnswersMental Health3 months ago