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I like the NBA, but I don't love it because its to long. I mostly pay attention during the playoffs. My team are the Houston Rockets and Orlando Magics. I hate the Lakers and thier fans so if team out there that can defeat them will make me happy. I also love the NFL, my team are the Tampa Bay Buccaneers because I live in the Tampa Bay area :) Love sports? feel free to contact me, lets talk sports! lol

  • brock lesnar vs john sheena???

    so i just finish watching the pay per view and i counted the moves in the match. cena did 2 moves in the match with lesnar included the punches and kicks. lesnar did 5 moves in total during the match. lesnar carry that match. and cena being cena has to be superman and win it at the end but thank god he didnt win the title.

    all he does is attitude adjustment and that stupid submission that doesnt even look like it hurts. and his awkward kicks and punches. and yet we got the king jery kissing his butt saying cena would won blah blah if seft didnt interfere. whatever mr 2 mvoes of doom dont deserve the title.

    Lesnar carried that match

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  • lebron james john cena?

    todays fans thinks john cena is better than hulk Hogan and the rock. and nba fans of today think LeBron james in better than Michael Jordan and kobe byrant? r kids these days to delusional or its because how they were brought up to thinking who is great? Hogan made wrestling and Michael made nba beside the bird and magic rival

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  • I predicted the same boring cena promo on raw after summerslam?

    comes out kiss the fans azz and suck up to Daniel bryan since he is the hottest thing in the wwe right now. The fan r behind him cena is using him as another way to get fansd behind him. And he comes out and defend bryan for what triple h did he is offended and disgusted. I called it yesterday that's what he will do. and he did thanks jon for making me a great predictor u predictor boring overrated goof. now he is gone because of his stupid elbow THANK GOD!

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  • Trple h HELL TURN? orton and hhh new heel team?

    but wait cena will stop them he will beat them down.

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  • watching summerslam and bryan is carrying cena?

    cena being cena not selling. getting up way to fast. and stiff as hell. so cena lose clean just so fans can forget all those no clean job he has done only to not job ever again for another 10yrs?

    2 AnswersWrestling7 years ago
  • when will cena stop being so phony and an *** kisser?

    once again he is doing the same boring azzz promo over and voer against cm punk vs the rock vs brock lesnar vs everyone same boring promo. oh its for these people I do it for them blah blah blah when will he and stupid wwe realize no one will like him regardless what he freaking says. beside kids girls and retarded virgin mens

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  • I like a girl that works at Mcdonald Part 2?

    Ok I ask a question 5 minutes earlier, On how to talk to her without holding up the line. This question is about how do I know if she is interested in me? Like I said, I go there once every 3 weeks. Today I was there and I saw her again. I gave my money to her, she handed me back my change. B4 I left I wanted to glance at her b4 I left. I stair up at her because I was in a car. I caught her already looking at me we both smile and I drove off. I can't read women anyone wanna help me read them?

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  • i like a girl that works at mcdonald?

    I go there 1 in 3 weeks. I always see her there very cute. but my little sister said don't ever go for a girl who works at McDonald. she is white very pretty she doesn't belong there. maybe she is still in school I do not know. but I want to talk to her but I don't know how. I can't hold people up in line. what should I do? write a note and hand it to her when she gives me my changes?

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  • they say cancerians r ugly people?

    they say the ugliest sign r cancerians? I am a cancerian I know I am shy and keep to myself. but I get conpliments from older folks white black Asian that I am a handsome young man.

    8 AnswersHoroscopes7 years ago
  • wwe sucks jon cena sucks?

    what will it take to beat cena? run him over with a car? bring in an elephant to step on him? or how about bring in a king cobra to bite him. I think this guy will kick out of everything. who is left for him to face? he beats everyone clean. wwe is pathetic to push one jack azzz

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  • nba spurs manu ginobli?

    he single handed lost the game for the spurs in game 6 right now again he losing it for the spurs. but spurs should won game 6 ******* pop out of all these yrs has to **** up in game 6

    1 AnswerBasketball7 years ago
  • nba lebron CHOKES! AGAIN?

    once again he chokes under pressure as soon as I saw he almost lost the ball to the back court I said he will commit a turnover I was right LOL

    3 AnswersBasketball7 years ago
  • nba why is manu ginobli in the game?

    him alone is killing the spurs and pop decided to sit his starters? in the 4th? when their hot? u have a chance to finish Miami off but instead he allow them to come back and get hot now there in trouble wtf this game piss me off

    3 AnswersBasketball7 years ago
  • nba heat think their good now?

    their scoring against the spurs weaklings the spurs bench. why couldn't they do it against the spurs starters? heat still sucks

    2 AnswersBasketball7 years ago
  • nba lebron james sucks?

    3/10 shooting and all his points came from the free throw line. this guy is better then Jordan? his moves r so predictable drive to the basket and pray for a foul call. when he gets older he will be another Jordan wannbe that flops because he has no fade away jump shots and his jump shots r weak and sucks. right now he is still young and has only size but no brain

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  • nba Miami dawyne wade?

    2 games now he went to the back and come out stronger does he get steroid injected into him or what

    1 AnswerBasketball7 years ago
  • nba lebron only moves?

    is this the only thing LeBron can do is drive to the basket and hope to get a foul call? he cant shoot he cant do fade away jumpers. all I see him do is drive to the basket and pray for a foul call then cry when he doesn't get it

    3 AnswersBasketball7 years ago
  • nba miami fans go drink some cool aid its over?

    queen james is killing u he miss a dunk lay up and doesn't get a foul call instead of hustling to play defense he whines and act like a girl who didn't get her Barbie doll at walmart. if that was Jordan or other legends and great they would sprint down to play defense. this guy is choker whiner flopper

    6 AnswersBasketball7 years ago
  • nba lebron james your tavelness?

    once again he gets away with a travel does these ref know what travels looks like when it comes to james?

    1 AnswerBasketball7 years ago
  • nba heat elbow but foul on spurs??? what?

    so the spurs get the foul when chlamers threw the elbow??? the ref feel bad for their heating getting a butt whooping??

    2 AnswersBasketball7 years ago