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  • Is there some way to get around doing laundry?  Also, will a musical washboard work for actual washing?  If so, how to use it to wash? :)?

    Is there another way to get clothes clean?  There's no washer and dryer hookup inmy apartment, and I won't pay to wash clothes I already paid for, so no laundromat for me, thank you.  I've toyed around with various ways to do clothes in the shower, but I've noticed some of my t-shirts subtly changing colors (but not cool colors, but swamp thing and bible story colors), and my favorite t-shirt is slimy in a way that I can't fix.

    I think I have a solution; I just need input.  I'm in folk punk band, so I have a washboard, but it's one of those wearable scrubboards, so I don't know if it will work for actual washing.  I've somewhat hesitant to experiment, as I'd hate to ruin my instrument (we're halfway through recording our LP, and I don't want the washboard sound to change song to song), and I don't have the money to replace it.  That said, will this work for cleaning my clothes, and if so, how do you do that?  I've never used a washboard for non-musical, washing-related purposes.

    I'd appreciate any suggestions.  If I can't resolve this ldilemma soon, I might be forced to pay some extortionate rate for water and spinning down at the laundromat.  I have the means, just help me water and spin these on my own.  Thank you friends, bless.

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  • My favorite t-shirt is slimy now.  Any ideas?  How do I stop it?

    I hate going to the laundromat to do laundry (there is no washer or dryer hookup in my apartment, and I will not pay money to wash clothes I already paid for), so I had the idea to dump my dirty clothes in my bathtub, that way every time I shower I wash my clothes a little bit more.  Then, when I want to wear something, I put it on and scrub down like I would if I were showering without clothes, then hang the garments out my window to dry.  Assuming no birds poo on it, a clean and dry outfit awaits with just a little time, minimal effort, and no money spent.

    This works well with two problems:

    1. My red t-shirt was left at the bottom of the pile for about a month and a half, and now it is slimy.  It doesn't smell bad or look different, it just feels slimy.  The slime, I think, is all the dirt and junk from all the other clothes, plus maybe whatever was washed off of me.

    2. There's very little room to stand in my shower.

    I solved problem 2 by hanging up my dirty clothes on hangers beneath the shower head.  I still have this slimy t-shirt.

    Anyway, I now have a system that works for laundering my own clothing without having to pay.  Just this shirt is really slimy, and I can't get it clean.  Any ideas of how to get this junk, funk, and gunk off my favorite shirt?  It's sleeveless, so that might be an asset when it comes time to wash it again.

    I ask this question in earnest, and I ask you to respond in kind.  I want to wear this shirt again; it is very slimming.  Bless.

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  • Do you ever find yourself thinking about the king of burgers?

    I've been thinking about the Burger King a lot lately.  I'd love to chill and eat a burger with that guy.  Anyone else find themselves thinking of burger mascots a lot more than usual?

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  • What are the negative effects of having eaten plastic?

    So, how much plastic is too much to have (accidentally) eaten in one sitting?  I had a pasta idea that didn't work.

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  • What kind of pasta is it that comes in little dry circular wreaths?

    It looks like little nests, or perhaps baskets.

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  • Can I order takeout or delivery from and out of state and have the restaurant send it via FedEx, UPS, etc.?

    I should be able to.  I really miss the calzones from a place near my university and can't quite find anything as good* locally.  I think I can place an order for delivery, and arrange to have a box, some dry ice, and the packaging material delivered to the restaurant.  I would tip very, very generously and pay for shipping (obviously), but I'm not sure how to execute the shipping.

    *Funny side note: the calzones aren't that good compared to the ideal of what a calzone could be, but they were the first I had and I'm hooked.  To me, calzones will always be a ricotta and sausage gravy inside a crispy Parmesan-scented dough shell, lightly drizzled with tomato sauce.Back to serious matters.  My other thought is that it would take 3 days from oven to doorstep, but that degree of expedience is expensive, so I'd need to order like five or six calzones to make it worth it.  They'd also get soggy in transit, but a few minutes under the broiler should crisp them up.I think this is doable.  I'm excited.  Any serious input regarding the shipping process would be greatly appreciated.Thank you, friends.

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  • I can't find cool ranch salad dressing at the store, only regular ranch.  Can I make cool ranch dressing?

    I've been unable to find the much-emulated Cool Ranch dressing at the store, and tired of settling for Ranch I've decided to make my own cool ranch dressing.  I'll list what I've tried below, and would appreciate any direction you can offer.

    Attempt one: I tried reducing ranch dressing over a low heat while adding a touch of Bragg's liquid aminos.  The result was something best described as a trashy version of Flavortown Hummus.

    Attempt two: I made a dorito consomme of the cool ranch variety and used that with a dry ranch dressing mix, to which I added a small quantity of truffle oil and a little brown mustard to help with the emulsification.  Delicious, but more of a ranch vinaigrette.

    Attempt three: I crushed a bag of chips into a bowl of ranch.  After the dorito sand absorbed some of the juices from the salad dressing, the mixture became more of a ranch pudding.  It made a lovely snack and had the right flavor, but I can't really call it a salad dressing.

    If there's any more cool ranch journeymen seeking to be a ranch master, I'd appreciate any imput you have.

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  • What if I cooked a tube of cookie dough whole?

    Would it be like a big cookie candy bar, baked in a wrapper and ready to peel and eat?

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  • I have a fast food question: I am tired of vertically-excessive burgers; where can I get the wide burgers?

    Fast Food establishments seem locked in conflict to make the tallest burger, and it's getting silly. I want a wide, easy to eat burger.

    McDonald's quarter-pounder-patty is between 3.8 and 4 inches in diameter (just the patty mind you; don't get me started on the bun...). For a double quarter-pounder, they just stack two, one atop the other. I'd rather have an eight inch wide half-pounder than a double quarter-pounder. Give me an original, not twice of something else.

    Let us look at condiment distribution. Looking at the haphazard manner in which McDonald's assembles their double quater-pounded monstrosity, and examining the ratio of burger patty to cheese to condiment to bun ( do not get me started on the bun), there is no conclusion but to say that the double quarter-pounder is a different burger than the quarter-pounder. Yes, the ingredients are the same, but the ratios are so skewed that it's a different burger experience. Truly ironic that the only constant is that wretched bun.

    I'm right.

    So, having expressed my desire for a wide burger, and now adding that I require this wide burger on the go, where does one find such a mouthful?

    Post script: I ask this question in earnestness; I request you respond in kind. Also, my last question, about Luby's cafeteria a fair while ago, didn't go well for me so I'm posting this anonymously. I understand there are some Luby's Lover out there still, and my heart goes out to you. Thank you friends. Bless.

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