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  • Why does no-one know how to generate random integers on the Casio fx-85gt plus?

    I've looked all over the internet; at user guides and answer sites and whichever way I use the 'RanInt' function on my calculator it gives me the error notice. Please can someone help me?

    1 AnswerOther - Electronics6 years ago
  • Are adults ever happy?

    Me being a teenager I alternate between depressed and euphoric every couple of hours and I know that's normal. But today I heard my relatives talking about their friends and relatives and it sounded like everything was really hard for them all the time. It sounded like these people just felt empty inside, even in very long-term, stable relationships involving total love and support.

    Is sadness and constant difficulty just the reality for adults in their everyday lives? Is 'living the good life' just a façade for a hard and meaningless life? It makes me worry about whether I'll ever be happy when I'm older.

    3 AnswersPsychology6 years ago
  • Did teenagers in the middle ages get acne?

    This question has long intrigued me; I know that it is almost impossible to find out how people actually looked in early history, and certain theories say that our changed lifestyles are a cause for acne, but some people just get spots for no particular reason and this seems like something that could happen to a teen in any period of history. Is there any scientific evidence to say otherwise? I've searched the internet for an answer or theory on this weird question and found nothing.

    3 AnswersHistory6 years ago
  • What is the point of a monoprint?

    I'm sorry this isn't a question on how to do a mono print (I've already had to do several for GCSE Art); rather, what is the point of them? Aren't they basically a flipped trace of an existing image, easily achievable with coloured pencils? Does anyone know what makes them so special or interesting? (please tell me; I really have to know :) )

    1 AnswerOther - Visual Arts6 years ago
  • What is an example of a commodity that never changes value?

    Can someone please give me an example of a commodity (not too obscure if possible) that never changes value? I know things like specific foods, precious metals, celebrity-owned/signed items and fossil fuels are out of the question so please don't use those.

    I need an absolute measure of the value of currency for fictional purposes. I would be very grateful if you could help me.

    Thanks in advance.

    4 AnswersEconomics6 years ago
  • why won't spiritomb appear when I've used the odd keystone and talked underground?

    I have inserted the odd keystone in the tower, then talked to my sister underground umpteen times, but it just says 'The stones appear to have shifted'. What now?

    (I did find another odd keystone underground, though,)

    1 AnswerVideo & Online Games10 years ago