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  • Bullying... Please help...?

    Soo, I guess I'll just jump right into it... Sorry its kinda long..

    I was talking to my ex, we were going to get back together. One of my "friends" swooped in and was getting at him... Yesterday he was sitting with my new boyfriend at lunch and I looked over at them and my ex was staring at me and I kind of gave a weird look. Welllllll, what I was giving a weird because next to my boyfriend, was my ex's new girl's bestfrined. I really pissed me off. So after all the girls left, my boyfriend and ex boyfriend came over and sat with me and supposedly I was talking crap to my boyfriend about my ex's new girl. I'm not the type to talk ****. I'm one of the nicest people... Everything escalated quickly and my now ex bestfriend (shes bestfriends with my ex's new girl) hates me because she thinks I'm talking crap about her and everyone else so she, my ex's girl and some other chick came up to me and my friend to "confront" me in front of my boyfriend and alllllllllll my friends. I straight up told them I wasn't talking crap that they need to get their facts straight before they came to tell me off.... They were cursing up a storm and I didn't even say one curse word. And then since I had all three of them in my first period, they sat there and stared at me and talked crap about me the whole hour.... The one girl that hates me the most was talking to my friend and told her to tell me that I need to watch my back before I get my a** beat and that they're going to gang up on me and a whole bunch of stuff... I've had problems with these girls before... I'm scared to go the principal and tell him because then he will bring them in and they'll get in trouble and then they'll only go after me even more..... What should I do? I cant go to a different school... And I don't have that many friends so I cant exactly stop hanging out with the ones that I do, and plus my boyfriend is frineds with my ex, and they always hang out.... Please help..

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  • Should I ask him to get back together, or wait for him to ask me?


    I'm talking to my ex boyfriend (we didn't want to break up, we were forced to) and we still like each other. He's always calling me to tell me goodnight and we are literally always texting. The other day I told him I wanted to tell him something but I didn't know how to tell him, so he bugged me for 2 hours trying to get it out of me. He even called me a couple times and asked me what it was, he cared that much about it. So finally I sent him a link to "I'm only me when I'm with You" by Taylor Swift and told him to listen to it, that it pretty much describes what I want to tell him. I know he wants to get back together and he knows I want to get back with him. Should I ask him back out, or should I wait for him? And the homecoming dance is this Friday, should I ask him to go, or should I hint that I want him to ask me?

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  • Help! He's sending mixed signals!?

    So, today in class I told the guy I like (my best friend) I was cold. He immediately jumped up and told the teacher he was leaving to get his jacket for me. When he brought it back, he kind of made a scene about it in front of all his football buddies and the class. In my drama class, he came in to audition and he made a B-line towards me and sat right next to me. Then I moved back against the seats and he sat next to me-- so close that our legs were touching. He told the teacher he didn't want to audition right then just so he could sit next to me and talk. He asked me to go with him after school to watch and help him audition because he says he likes it when I'm there.. Then after drama we went to lunch and I was hanging out with my girl-friends and he was hanging out with his friends and I decided I should give him his jacket back since I had had it for about 3 hours. And hes like no, keep it and just give it back to me tonight after my game. So after his game, I'm wearing the jacket and I'm like here, you can have it back now. And he's like nahh it's alright, keep wearing it. I don't want you to be cold. He was supposed to hang out with me after his game, but he went off with this really annoying girl he just met.... It really pissed me off. But I didn't get to give him his jacket back... He knows I'll give it back to him on Monday, but if he wants it sooner, he knows where I'll be. But, what I am puzzled about: he's always doing cute things for me and carrying my books to my classes even if it makes him late and giving me his jacket and makes me think hes falling for me, but then he turns around and talks about how pretty other girls are.... GUYS, what does it mean? Am I reading too in to it? Is it just him being a nice guy? Or does he actually like me...?

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  • Should I start the conversation, or should I wait for him to?

    I really like this guy, he's one of my best friends. My friend told him awhile back that I really like him but he didn't believe it.. I really want to tell him that I really do like him, but I don't know how to tell him, I don't know if I should start the conversation first... Everyone that's friends with him and me tell me that he likes me, but he doesn't know how to tell me either.... Should I message him first and start it? If so, what should I say to tell him? Any advice works, thanks!:)

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  • Why is it looked down upon so bad?

    I've been talking to this 8th grade guy (I'm a freshman girl) and everybody is always giving me crap about it whenever someone brings up his name. It's not like were having sex or anything like that, we're just talking and he's going to be in high school with me in just a couple months. He's not even a year younger than me, so I don't see what the big deal is? There is no difference between a freshman and a sophomore dating. And plus, he's going to be doing extra classes to graduate early with me. So what is the big deal about a 8th grader and a freshman dating? Why is it frowned upon so much?

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  • How many calories should I be taking in and burning to lose 20 lbs in 2 months?

    I'm 5'11" about 180 pounds. I'd like to lose weight before summer, which is 2 months away. How many calories should I be taking in and burning to get to my goal weight? Any advice is helpful!

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  • Should i get back together with him?

    Soo there's this guy and he likes me a lot, like majorly. We dated for a few days but we had to break up because of my grades. I like him, but I don't know if I should take the chance again. He treats me like a princess, even if we aren't dating. He's probably one of the sweetest guys ever, but my dad, mom and best guy friend don't like him, which is a big problem.. So should we get back together and risk losing my best guy friend, and having my mom and dad ground me, or not date him, and have him drift away slowly from me?

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