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I'm here mostly for R&S. I believe in all good, am open-minded until I've studied an idea carefully & intuited which parts (or if all) of it is true. God's guidance is precious to me. I am a lifelong, committed member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, which is what it states it is. I practice some aspects of Zen Buddhism. I believe in God's power to influence anyone in any religion, & I know there is much good & truth in all religions. All humans are children of Heavenly Parents & have inate divine potential, unlocked through the intervention of Jesus Christ. I believe in prophets. Actually, I believe in most things & people. I love my husband & children. I seek temporal self-reliance. Love organic living. Am prone to allergies. My ability to wisely filter what I say fluctuates with my neurochemistry, which is affected by food chemicals. Have trained in mainstream & natural medicine. Have lots of pets. Love to learn. Human.

  • To spiritual people who have secrets about spiritual mysteries...?

    It's hard to frame this question. I have some doubts about myself. I have always struggled with knowing how much to share. I realised today that I had given knowledge to my children (regarding my grandfather who died yesterday) that was irrelevant to them, and possibly confusing. For me, the knowledge gave me great joy and peace. To them, at their level of understanding, it had no meaning. My Spirit within me told me not to say it (ie did not confirm in me that I SHOULD say it) but I thought, "Why not? Maybe it could help them like it helped me," and shared it anyway. I regret doing so. It was using something sacred for a non-sacred purpose. My action was wrong.

    How do you discipline yourself (or how can I discipline myself) to respect spiritual boundaries and ;limitations at all times? How can I commit to never " blurting stuff out" or "casting pearls before swine" so to speak. How do I get that particular inner strength to become a part of me, although I have always had a weakness in that area? Please help if you can give me more wisdom from your experience and being. How to control this aspect of myself WITH ALL MY HEART.

    Intellectual reasons are just not going to cut it for me. I need something deeper.

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  • Gay people: What is your experience of spirituality?

    I want to understand the variety of perspectives that people have. Thank you for your answers.

  • How do YOU receive communication from God?

    I'm seeking other people's personal experiences... how YOU go about knowing God. Can you describe the inner process for me, and try and get it to make sense for me.

    I have my own way of hearing him, but I'm wondering if there are other ways I haven't thought of.

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  • How does a person's perception of right and wrong influence them spiritually?

    in terms of heaven/hell/karma, etc? I'm interested in how people of different faiths/belief systems conceptualise this.

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  • What do you think about Bob Katter's "Australian party"?

    I just asked this question, but for some reason it wasn't showing up in my questions.

    I'm looking for some more views to consider and broaden my ideas about the things this political party stand for.

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  • What is the best way to improve my dogs' condition?

    No matter how much I feed them they don't seem to gain weight. My girl dog is losing hair - I think it may be a reaction to toxins in the environment (we live in reclaimed farm land). I think the rain has released the toxins from the soil. How can I build up my dogs' condition so they can be really healthy? I already give them all natural dry dog food and an all natural middle range cold sausage meat for dogs.

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  • Has anyone ever cross-referenced the Bible with Buddhist scripture?

    ie. made a concordance that includes scripture from more than one religion? To make it more straight forward to learn differences and similarities between each faith.

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  • What is the most spiritually enlightening thing you have learned recently?

    Can you explain it?

    Quotes from any scripture are also welcomed.

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  • Dhammapada students: What are the merits of the various English translations available?

    I've only read the F. Max Müller translation, and I like it because it gels well with my KJV Bible. But I had comments from one Buddhist that scoffed at this version. Does anyone have more information for me to draw a comparison between the relative merits of various versions of the Dhammapada (in English)? A link to the texts would be good, too. Thank you.

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  • What is the definition of "sable" in relation to Pomeranian coat colors?

    I have some puppies and I'm trying to find the right word to describe them. They are tannish brown with a black stripe down their backs, black ears and black hairs throughout the coat in smaller portions, and other patches with more black hairs interspersed more deeply amongst the brown/tan hair. The father is a red and the mother is black. Sorry, no pictures at present.

    Could you please give me a link to a page explaining the colors and the names of the colors, etc. Thanks for your help.

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  • What exactly does "Sanatan Vedic Dharm" mean?

    Is it similar in essence to how we say "the Gospel". I mean, does it describe the body of truth, is it the name for the spiritual path?

    I want to understand more about Hinduism but the language is confusing me. ♥

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  • How do I stop reacting negatively to a child who is too much like me?

    I've always been internally motivated - ie. not one to follow the crowd, and not if I am helpful, co-operative or obedient it's because that's what I feel on the inside that I should do (not because someone tells me to do it).

    One of my children is just like that. He won't listen to a word I say. If I say, "Stay on the grass, don't put your feet in the puddle." He'll immediately say, "I'm just going to..." and do whatever it was that he'd set his mind on doing, regardless of anything I say.

    He does it EVERY TIME. NEVER obeys me AT ALL. I feel myself reacting, then, to EVERYTHING he says - every time he opens his mouth I just want him to shut up, because he NEVER listens to me, so I feel like I may as well not exist - except as some little slave to obey every whim and command of King Jack.

    How am I supposed to respond to a child like that? He is four years old and has no room in head for any thoughts but his own. My other children listen to me when I tell them not to do something... they obey, THEN they'll ask why, and I'm happy to explain (and they listen). But this kid... he asks why, not because he wants to know why, but because he wants to know how he can argue with me and tell me I'm wrong. At four years old!!

    So what do I do???????? I can't keep yelling at him. He's driving me mental but he's only four years old and in spite of irritating the heck out of me, I realise he's still just a sweet, innocent, loving little kid. But I can't tolerate his behaviour... without giving up my self-respect and LETTING him treat me (and the rest of the family) like his royal subjects.

    Any ideas? Obviously I'm looking for a more loving way... but one that respects BOTH of us!!

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  • Can you help me find freeware for Win 95?

    I am thinking of installing Win 95 on my EEEPC (earliest version) because I am sick of how slow it runs on XP, and have no idea how to install extra software into the Linux OS that it came with (or any other Linux OS).

    I'm particularly looking for some reliable security freeware for Win 95 that still gets updates for the virus/malware database, etc.

    Also looking for a good browser, html editor/webpage maker, ftp tool, and pdf reader, and other things for Win 95. Is it still possible to run Win 95 fairly securely and usefully? Obviously, on an EEPC with half gig RAM, 8 GB hard-drive (or was it 4GB - I forget) I'm not going to be using any big, complex programs anyway.

    Thanks if you can point me in the right direction.

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  • Muslims ONLY: Pls compare meanings of these 2 verses (1 Quranic verse & 1 LDS verse)?

    NOTE: This question is for MUSLIMS ONLY - I do NOT want any answers from disrespectful interjecters!

    First a little background on why I'm asking the question. I'm a Latter-day Saint (Mormon) and study from all good religions. I was looking for inspiration this morning to help me to overcome some faults - my emotional outbursts particularly when hormonal, and my parenting style, which, at the moment, I feel has become too inconsiderate of the feelings of my children and husband. I need some inspiration to teach myself greater self-control (and outward peacefulness) and I remembered a verse from the Quran that I loved. I did some research on it, today, and found the meaning was not as clear cut as I had thought. THis is the verse:

    "There is no compulsion in religion. The right direction is henceforth distinct from error. And he who rejecteth false deities and believeth in Allah hath grasped a firm handhold which will never break. Allah is Hearer, Knower." (2:256)

    I am interested to know what Muslims take this verse to mean.

    In the past I thought the first sentence equated with the following LDS scripture:

    "11 We claim the privilege of worshiping Almighty God according to the dictates of our own conscience, and allow all men the same privilege, let them worship how, where, or what they may." (Articles of Faith 1:11 -

    I used to think the Quranic verse was saying that the person who loves God will not compell people... (since this interpretation equates with another LDS scripture that says that no compulsion can be used, but that only patience, sincere love, kindness, and persuasion can be used to put people on the right path towards God - Doctrine and Covenants 121:41-46 - )

    Now I'm not sure: Does 2:256 advocate for people's freedom of conscience and the right for individuals to choose their own actions (whether right or wrong)?

    I would like to know what various Muslims think this verse (Quran 2:256) means and whether the concept of freedom of conscience is found elsewhere in Islam.

    MUSLIMS ONLY please! ♥

    Thank you for your considered answers.

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  • What is psychological term used to describe a person who compulsively writes down their thoughts?

    My Mum told me I had this "problem" when I was 16, and I am trying to recall what the word is (because I'm writing about how I write about things all the time, lol, and want to know the word my Mum used to describe me all those years ago.) P.S. It's a psychological term, used by psychologists (my Mum is a psychologist) so that is the kind of term I am looking for. I think part of the word is "graph". Thanks for your help! :-)

    5 AnswersPsychology1 decade ago
  • Why do I keep having anembryonic pregnancies?

    I have just experienced the 7th one. I only want one more child... but I really would like to know what the research says about the cause of these things. Is it my hormones? Is it my husband's sperm? Is it a combination of our genetics? Wish I knew why....

    Trying to Conceive1 decade ago
  • Can u fix this? My display has a weird highlighted area on it..?

    My 2 year old was playing on the computer when I wasn't paying attention and hit some keys that did something to the way the screen is displayed. (I have Windows XP). There is now a small highlighted area on the display that is brighter than the rest of the screen. I don't know how to get rid of this highlighted area... everything else is normal looking.

    Do you know how to fix the screen so that it all displays at the same brightness? Thank you so much for your help.

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  • Anyone who is on/has been on Epilim?

    I have had mood problems since I was little. Also, I was epileptic since infancy and on anticonvulsants since then. I was on Tegretol as a littlie, then Epilim as an adolescent until age 16, when I was able to go off my meds (no more fits). Since then, I've suffered from depression or extreme highs (bipolar), which only calm down when I pay VERY strict attention to my diet and other chemicals.

    I noticed that when I went off Epilim I suddenly got motivated, energetic, stopped getting headaches and dizzy spells, and lost 8 kg (got skinny). So, I'm thinking it must have been sapping my energy somewhat.

    I'm thinking of asking the doctor if I can go back on Epilim, for its mood stabilisation properties, but I don't want to become numbed or vague, like I used to be, and like I have seen another friend of mine become (who also has bipolar disorder). What is your experience of being on Epilim?

    Does it make you vague and dreamy? Slow?

    Does it sap your energy?

    Does it make you feel wiped out when it is hot weather?

    Please let me know what side effects you notice. Thank you.

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  • Is perfectionism absent from Perfection?

    Is God a perfectionist, or is God free from it?

    Please explain....


    8 AnswersReligion & Spirituality1 decade ago
  • Why are some file names blue in Windows XP?

    But others are black? What is the significance?

    Thanks for your help. :-)

    4 AnswersSoftware1 decade ago