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  • Pain in right ribs in pregnancy?

    I am 32 years old and 20 weeks pregnant with second child. Since about a month, I have been having pain in right ribs (just below the breast) that extends to my back. There is mild pain throughout the day but most severe while lying down or turning sides. It doesn't go away completely at any point.

    I have been to the ortho, gynaec but they have been unable to detect what it is. They say its usual muscular pain. Being pregnant, I cannot take any painkillers or muscle relaxant medicines. And this pain is making me so miserable. What could it be ? Please help.

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  • how to deal with people ?

    I have a child with Downs Syndrome. He is 2.5 years old and is learning how to walk. He does not talk yet. I make it a point to take him outside to the nearby garden everyday so that he sees people and it encourages him.

    With very little awareness about Downs Syndrome in India, people do not know that he has this condition. All the old ladies in our neighbourhood keep giving me all sorts of advice. At times it gets very frustrating as they talk as if I am not doing enough for my child. I work from home with a full time job and all the spare time that I get I invest in teaching him - to talk, to walk, to point at his head,nose etc. I know as a mother of child with DS I should be strong enough to face all this. But at times I really get irritated and feel like punching someone in the face. Why dont people leave me with my child alone and just let us be ? Why do they have this habit of poking their nose in other people's affairs ? If my child does not walk yet, why does it bother them ?

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  • 2 year old DS boy does not walk?

    My son is 2 years old. He has Downs Syndrome. He does not walk yet. He walks with support holding the furniture. He can also push a chair and walk. But now everytime we place the chair in front of him to walk, he turns the other side and starts playing with something else. We also tried placing his favorite toy on the chair but he took the toy and immediately sat down. Even when we try to make him stand, he immediately sits. He moves around the whole house sitting, in fact he developed a wierd way of moving around - he hops by his bums so he is sitting on the floor but moves around the entire house. He has been doing this since about a year now.He never crawled on his all fours.

    I sometimes think he is ready to walk independently but does not want to do it yet as he is more comfortable moving around by sitting (or hopping). What should I do to motivate him to walk and stand independently ?

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  • 20-month old does not talk?

    My son has Downs Syndrome. He does not talk any words at 20 months. He babbles but no real words yet. I talk to him all the time. I also sing nursery rhymes to him. He does some gestures like clap,bye-bye, hello etc. Now he has even started learning the meaning of these, for e.g. when I stand at the door he waves bye-bye without being instructed to do so. He also faintly imitates my actions when I sing nursery rhymes. He even says 'aaaa' at the end of 'Johny Johny' as if saying 'ha ha ha' and shakes his head for 'no papa'

    What can I do besides professional speech therapy to help him speak his first words ?

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  • Best dentist in Ahmedabad ?

    I am in Naranpura area

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  • Dental implant or bridge ?

    I had an accident and lost my entire front tooth (from the root). All the other teeth are fine and the alignment of the denture is fine. Should I go for a dental implant or a bridge ? Is it possible that they do not use two adjacent teeth for fixing the bridge? I have heard sometimes bridge can be placed on two teeth.

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  • Teething - is this normal?

    My son got his left lower front tooth first. After a week, his right lower front tooth came out. Then he hurt himself on the upper front gums. He fell on the ground and cut his upper gum by his lower teeth. It wasnt anything serious but he had a small cut which healed in 2 days. We had taken him to the doctor and he gave antibiotic because there was a cut in the mouth.

    Then after about a month his left upper front tooth came out. After about a month and half, he is now getting his upper two molars and a side tooth on the lower jaw. Its been almost 2 months since his upper front tooth came out, but the other one has not come out yet. I have heard teeth come out in pairs. Why does he have only one tooth in the front ? He looks really funny with just one tooth. Is it because of his injury ? What should I do ?

    My son is 19 months and has Downs Syndrome.

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  • I have a 18 month old son with Downs Syndrome. How can I tell if he has Autism or not ?

    I have a 18 month old son with Downs Syndrome. How can I tell if he has Autism or not ? He does not walk yet and does not point to objects. But he does respond to his name and imitates us. He is a happy child but used to be very quiet in front of strangers (although he was never angry at them). As he is growing, this behaviour is changing a little and now he is not that quiet. He does not talk any words yet but babbles and understands simple instructions like 'clap your hands', hello, bye etc. He loves opening and closing doors and throws his toys all around the room and then shouts happily. He is a happy eater and loves watching bollywood songs on TV. He has also started imitating my actions when I sing him nursery rhymes.

    I know some of the things that I mentioned are signs of Autism but those could be due to his Downs Syndrome too. How to distinguish between the two ? Please help

    - Distressed mom

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