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I am a Police Officer in North Carolina and also worked in Mississippi as an Officer. I have over 18 years of service and experience behind me. Anyway, I'm a Sergeant on the night shift for a State Agency. I am an Active Shooter Instructor, General Instructor, Fitness Instruct, Chemical Munition/OC Spray Instructor, and Field Sobriety Instructor for my agency and part time at a local BLET program (NC Police Academy). I have successfully completed the Police Legal Institute training which deals with Constituional and other Legal issues surrounding my profession. I am a member of my agency's ERT (SWAT team) and have been on a team for about 10 years now. If I answer your question I will answer it honestly and openly. You may not like the answer but I don't care. Current Video: Current Book: The Road by Cormac McCarthy Join the patriots: My answers are opinion only not legal advice.

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