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  • what is the difference between economics b.a. and economics hons. ? which one is better if we do mba?

    im getting through hindu college, du for ba. but not for economics hons. should i opt for only ba? how much beneficial is ba economics for mba?

  • how is use of resources responsible for natural calamities?

    that is a debate topic i got.

    exactly, how and why is overutilization of resources responsible for intesified natural calamities?

    5 AnswersOther - Environment7 years ago
  • career in mathematics!?

    well, i am a math geek! I love solving differential equations, algebra trigonometry, etc. and i have maths with accountancy ,business studies, economics and english. basically i have commerce with maths. i was wondering about the possible career options in maths. i dont want to get into teaching. please help!


    4 AnswersMathematics7 years ago
  • what should be the normal Hb count for a 17 year old?

    my hb count came out to be 13.1! but still my palm doesn't look red. its on the paler side. is that a problem?

    2 AnswersWomen's Health7 years ago
  • Coeliac disease is it?

    its been almost a week..i have been feeling constipated all the time. stinky gas. i have also developed pimples with puss. i am not even able to concentrate. mood swings accompany! wht to do? is it Coeliac disease?

    2 AnswersAllergies7 years ago
  • isotroin 10 prescription?

    i have been prescribed by my dermatologist isotrion 10 (10 mg per day for 8 days) . i do have acne but not so severe. when i read about the side effects i got double minded. should i really use it?

    azithromycin (500mg) has also been prescribed to me. can i break it in half and then have it?

    1 AnswerSkin Conditions7 years ago
  • facebook is not loading?

    is it just me or facebook is actually not loading. i have 3 computers and facebook wont load in any of them. its pissing me off. is the service down or something?

    4 AnswersFacebook8 years ago
  • i am messed up with my life. i suck at friendships.?

    well i don't know what to say! im awesome at academics. i top every year but i kinda sorta do not have a pretty face. my so called friends think that im fun. but frankly i think that they are not my true friends in other words they are my fair weather friends. in fact sometimes i think they befriended me coz of my academics. im always surrounded by friends but deep inside im soooo lonely. every freakin time they make fun of me. sometimes i do retaliate but to that they start abusing me. its not that i feel bad i mean its okay with friends. it just doesnt matter. but NO at times it does. they make fun of my hair my clothes even my shoes. i may not have the greatest sense of fashion but why do they hae to do it on my face? i may appear to me ''ALL COOL NO WORRY'' type of person but deep inside it kills me when i hear such kind of things. just today we all were going to a party then someone suddenly said one of my friend's boyfriend's name to which my other friend pointed towards me and signaled the one speaking to stop that talk in front of me. it has happened not one but many a times. i dont know why they do this to me? im not that kind of person who blabbers everything in front of anybody. i CERTAINLY am not. all these so called friends they make fun of every person in front of me, i usually join in their fun making session because FACE IT i do it to be a part of the fun group. i dont have any interest listening and laughing at their so called funny comment about other people. i am well aware of the fact that they obviously make fun of me when im not around. my group has converted me into a person that im it peer pressure or anything but i am soo not a part of that group. maybe i belong to the nerds' table. but that also i think i don't. that group also includes a guy whom i adore sooo much i nevr told this to anybody except my so called best friend who is not in the group but kinda sorta is the same person i do not really like her but she's my childhood friend so i appear to like her friendship just to not hurt her sentiments. i crack lame jokes at which my group laughs and at the same time call me stupid idiot and curse me. but when they laugh i feel good. i dont know why? i unwillingly ***** about the people my group doesnt like. deep inside i feel guilty about that. im not a steady person. i get irritated by my family, and sometimes i feel like running away from them. they embarrass me in front of my friends. sometimes i feel equivalent to dirt in that group. they just keep me for entertainment. whenever i come they all stop talking followed by a murmur of shhh ''quiet quiet'' she's here. c'mon why do the treat me like this. i usually laugh it off. but when i come home i lock myself in a room and cry just keep on crying. nobody treats me like a REAL friend. i am a timepass for them. this isnt affecting my studies though. i get superb grades. and people other than my friends appreciate me for that. they go about saying - whoa! this is the girl who'll get the scholar blazer or sometimes that say- man! how do you study? teach me please. and stuff like that. i may have a funny hairstyle. my friends play with my hair and say look broomstick. :'( there's one more girl who bears the same position in that group i unwillingly make fun of her in front of my group just to appear COOL. but i know that girl is a sweetheart. very helpful indeed. but then who is perfect? nobody right. my friends- they sort of enact me and laugh like hell. i feel awkward but at the same time feel happy that at least they're not crying! i dont know what to do. because of that group im losing my individuality. i suck! :( wht to do? also i think that guys think that im ''NO BOYFRIEND AT SCHOOL'' type of girl who's only concerned with studies. i think i can be so much fun if given a chance!

    6 AnswersFriends8 years ago
  • i forgot my wi-fi password?

    how to get it back?

    12 AnswersComputer Networking8 years ago
  • What kind of risk does an industry engaged in manufacture of fabricated bodies and specialized vehicles face?

    like for example a fashion industry may face competition from other fashion ventures or change of fashion may pose a threat. in that aspect what kind of risks this kind of industry face? and what suggestions could be given to improve the position of car parts industry?

    1 AnswerSmall Business8 years ago
  • what kind of risk does a soap industry face?

    like for example a fashion industry may face competition from other fashion ventures or change of fashion may pose a threat. in that aspect what kind of risks does a soap industry face?

    2 AnswersSmall Business8 years ago
  • will brocket sleeves (full) look good with an anarkali suit?

    my tailor said it would reduce my hand movements and he replaced it with jorjet sleevs instead. brocket. im confused should i just go with jorjet or have it replaced with brocket?

    2 AnswersFashion & Accessories8 years ago
  • Is it sensible to first do from a good college and then do CA?

    (I'm in 11th class cbse board) I was wondering what to do after my school. I am aware that its possible to do CA and b. com together but if somehow i get through a good renowned college to get a degree and then after those 3 years i wish to do CA,so will that be a sensible option?

  • psychology...plss help!?

    im 13,,,and aspire to be something in life...all of my friends have their goals set....few days back i heard this term psychology and suddenly wanted to become psychologist when i grow up..and so i googled it...and found it extremely interesting...can anybody tell me about psychology in simple language...i would be pleased...but no rude answers plss!!

    3 AnswersPsychology1 decade ago