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  • Why do Americans think they're smart?

    Almost no one in America is smart anymore; 

    unless you watch Alex Jones and his colleagues. 

    Corporate-America and the financial-system 

    has everyone fooled. We already have enough 

    technology to feed/house/clothe everyone on 

    Earth for pennies. We already have enough money 

    to end world-poverty. 

    Meanwhile, the powers that be have us working 

    against the grind-stone competing against each other. 

    It doesn't have to be like this. Your thoughts? 

    7 AnswersPolitics11 months ago
  • How can young-adults survive these End-Times?

    I'm really running out of patience. There are 

    few good, high-paying jobs left in California. 

    Are we really going to have to wait until 2025 for 

    the illuminati to be removed, so we can start over

    as a brand new (and prosperous) civilization?!?!


    4 AnswersPolitics11 months ago
  • Are there any other Light-workers on here?

    The End-times have clearly reached a fever-pitch, 

    with Trump activating the military. The illuminati 

    know they've been corned and will ultimately fail. 

    What do you see as the ultimate outcome? Discuss. 

    7 AnswersReligion & Spirituality11 months ago
  • When will Universal Basic Income become available?

    We clearly need it, since 45% 

    of jobs will be automated soon. 

    2 AnswersReligion & Spirituality11 months ago
  • Is becoming homeless really all that bad?

    I really wish I could meditate 50 hours/week

    l ike the Buddha, instead of working. We  

    lead meaningless lives as slaves to the  

    corporations. Lifetime after lifetime, we do  

    not leave the Matrix surrounding Earth  

    but have to come back, so what's the point?  


    12 AnswersReligion & Spirituality12 months ago
  • Have the corporations turned into the enemy of the people?

    I've seen people with 2 Bachelor's degrees or 

    a Master's degree and they can't find careers; 

    at least here in California, I really wish I could 

    move out of Los Angeles but I don't know how? 


    4 AnswersOther - Society & Culture12 months ago
  • Is it illegal to sneak into Japan or Thailand?

    ...and become a wandering-monk? 

    How does that work? Advice Please. 

    5 AnswersReligion & Spirituality12 months ago
  • Is Human Services Assistant considered to be a humanitarian?

    How do I know this is the 

    right career-path for me? 

    With 40 million homeless 

    in USA, I would think it is 

    a very stable field to pursue. 

    4 AnswersOther - Careers & Employment12 months ago
  • How are we supposed to deal with this?

    National Geographic just came out with an article 

    indicating 5 billion people will face starvation over 

    the next 3 decades. 

    Advice Please. 

    9 AnswersPolitics12 months ago
  • Please rank in order from most to least stable?

    - barista at Coffee-Bean

    - Massage-therapy

    - Web-Development

    - Computer-Support

    - Online (freelance) proofreading or book-keeping. 

    2 AnswersPolitics12 months ago
  • Is 30 years old too late to turn your life around?

    I'm 30. Ever since the economy crashed back in 2008, 

    I don't know what to do. Half of college-degrees are 

    useless. Associate-degrees are useless, and then I have

    to worry about computers/robots taking over jobs too?!?

    I'm completely stuck. What am I supposed to do? Advice Please. 

    6 AnswersMental Health12 months ago
  • Is psychic-channeling considered a hobby?

    I figured out how to keep my third-eye chakra

    permanently open. That means: I can channel

    Jesus Christ, Mother-Mary, Archangels Michael,

    Raphael and Gabriel.

    I can charge $80 to 120/hour for each psychic-reading.

    Is that a good way to earn a living? or is that a side-hobby?

    4 AnswersSmall Business12 months ago
  • How do other people learn to pay bills?

    I don't get it. I'm 30 years old and still don't 

    know how to pay bills or live on my own. It's 

    almost as if my parent's kept that a secret 

    from me. 

    Advice Please. 

    7 AnswersPolitics12 months ago
  • Please rank these careers in order?

    from most to least stable: 

    - Barista at Coffee Bean

    - Accounting-Clerk

    - Massage-Therapy

    - Web-Development

    - Co-op organic food store

    7 AnswersReligion & Spirituality12 months ago
  • Does anyone else believe Earth is entering a new Rennaissance?

    I've consulted three psychics. They all indicate the

    illuminati should be gone by 2025; They are being

    relocated to another prison-planet where they can

    battle it out among themselves. (Yes, 9/11 was staged).

    I truly truly believe a new, egalitarian economy is

    coming online over the next 10 years (first in the

    USA); and then by 2032 for all other countries.

    By 2050; our world will be totally unrecognizable.

    Most people in developed countries at least

    will only half to work 20 hours/week. Given

    the rapid developing fields of stem-cells, and

    nanotechnology chronic-diseases will be easy

    to cure. World-Poverty will be on the way out.

    By 2060; we will have discovered and

    begin building, or at least have plans for

    cities in Hollow-Earth (the final-frontier).

    Your thoughts?

    4 AnswersOther - Society & Culture12 months ago
  • Which option would be more popular?

    My dream is to sell candles on the side,

    as a hobby. I figured out how to open

    my third-eye chakra permanently so I can

    create a Holy-Fire bubble around any

    object. Pink-Fire is love. Green-Fire brings

    healing. White-Fire is peace/purity. Gold-Fire

    is the Christ. Violet Purple-Fire is forgiveness.

    Should I give away such candles and ask

    for a donation; or sell candle-cards instead?

    What other totem or trinket can I use? Thank You

    1 AnswerSmall Business1 year ago
  • Is anyone else thrilled to be watching the End-Times unfold?

    Right on schedule, we were warned ten years ago

    the illuminati would be exposed sometime between

    2020 and 2024. The last of them should be gone

    by 2025 so we can get on with our lives!!! It certainly

    has been a wild ride...and I for one, am I tired of waiting.

    Impeachment hearings were held in Congress this

    morning, to no avail. The globalists are running

    scared, in front of the whole-world to see!!! How delicious.

    It's hard to believe people still believe Muslims

    committed 9/11 or Boston-Marathon; or that

    Sandy Hook was actually real. Your thoughts?

    8 AnswersPolitics1 year ago
  • Does anyone else enjoy being gay?

    I don't like having sex with men, but

    I do enjoy holding hands and cuddling.

    Bonus question: Is it rude to ask

    a straight-guy to jerk-off with you.

    How can I do that stealthily? Thank You

  • Is anyone here familiar with Huna?

    Huna is the Polynesian modality of miracle-working.

    Saints (called Kahunas) in Oceania have been

    known to walk fire etc. just like Eastern-mystics.

    Where can I learn more about it? Any books please?

    Thank You

    5 AnswersReligion & Spirituality1 year ago