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  • Why is the media going and saying it was racist with the floyed incident?

    So right after the death people started saying it was racist that a white man killed a black person but if you do the research, 1st off, he was on drugs and it seemed like he died of a heart attack. Btw I’m not with the cop what he did was wrong and the governor Needs to take background checks because before that same officer killed someone else. Also, in 2017, a women was calling to police for a crime and a black officer came over, the women wasn’t doing anything wrong, and the black officer shot her. Now, did you see buildings burn down? Hell no! Did you see the media start saying “THAT BLACK PERSON IS RACIST” no you didn’t. So I’m just asking, is it really racist? Btw if I’m wrong on something, let me know I’m 12 and I’ll do my research

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  • App not deleting on my iPad ?

    Ok so I downloaded a game on my iPad but something I get stuck on the loading screen so I uninstall it and reinstall it. But this time their was a problem, I tried to uninstall it and it would go from my home screen but when I went into the app stop it says “open” but it’s uninstalled? And it’s also in my settings and looks like white line all over. Iv tried going into storage and deleting it their and putting it offline. And when I uninstall it and I reset my iPad it comes back to the home screen. Can anyone help?

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