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  • Why "pay" someone when you can "gift" tax free?

    So I just read that a gift can be up to $15,000 without being taxed. So why then do people "pay" someone for a service, when they could just claim it was done out of charity, and then just gift them $10k. As far as I understand, this is perfectly legal and would save one a ton in paying taxes?

    What am I missing here?

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  • How does the IRS define the word "income"?

    Why are we legally required to pay taxes on "income" when the IRS does not define the meaning of the word "income"? 

    OR if there is a definition, can someone throw me a link? I don't mean "types of income", I mean what they define the word "income" to be. 

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  • Why are christians against astrology?

    Im a very scientific person, and I understand that there are many patterns that can be observed in this universe. Patterns everywhere and about everything. We can observe a pattern in the weather, and we predict things like the monsoon season. With the coming of this season, we can predict many other things. 

    Over thousands of years, there have been patterns found in the behavior of humans, and a correlation was found in these behaviors and the position of the "heavens". Weather the position of the stars somehow effects our character directly is questionable, but the fact of the matter is, that there IS a correlation. I wouldn't call it magic, just because we dont understand why there is a correlation. There can be very, very many scientific explanations. 

    Ex. The seasons you are being developed in the womb, for most history and most places in the world dictate the food the mother is consuming. The food she is consuming will have a direct impact on the baby, as different nutrients, minerals, vitamins, hormones etc. Are entering her body. All of those things could easily later reflect in the babies character when it is born. Also, the environment in the same way can have an effect on a growing baby, and may be why location of birth is important in horoscopes. These are just 2 examples of how horoscopes could actually work scientifically. Looking at the stars tells you the conditions in which a person develops rather than providing some satanic knowledge and magic. 

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  • Does anyone speak Chinese??? I need Help.?

    Can anyone please translate this image for me??? I would use a online translator but those don't translate images. So can anyone tell me what this image means?

    Here is the link:

    Thank you.

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  • Does anyone speak Chinese??? I need Help.?

    Can anyone please translate this image for me???

    Here is the link:

    Thank you.

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  • What does the word emerge mean?

    I find this word in the evolution books, but what does it mean? It says "life emerged from this complex chemical soup".

    what exactly does that word mean?

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  • Could God do anything?

    I found this interesting...

    I got this trick question from a fellow Christian.

    could God create a rock so big, he can't lift it?

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  • Atheists, you agree that Atheism is a religion, right?

    Where did everything come from?

    The big bang theory doesn't work.

    Where did all the laws, like thermodynamics, and gravity come from? (thousands of laws).

    where did all the matter come from to form the big bang?

    Where did all the energy come from to get it to spin, and to get it to be compressed into a single dot on this page? You need a lot of energy to fit everything in the universe to fit into this dot at the end of the page you know...

    Nobody knows, you have to believe that they came from somewhere.

    and I believe in God, they are both religions. The difference is that I am honest to admit that mine is a religion, and you are not. Unless you are a fair atheist.

    you have to BELIEVE that everything came from somewhere.

    So my question is... Do you admit that atheism is a religion as well?

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  • Why would some belive the bible, and some woldn't?

    I mean, cant you look at the bible as a historical book? If you don't believe in miracles, and you don't believe they happened, that is your problem, but its basically recorded history.

    Will people later in the future say that the Holocaust didn't happen, and that Abraham Lincoln was never president? I mean like 2,000 years in the future, if we are still here...

    Why don't you believe the bible? Is it because of the miracles?

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  • If God existed, would you be guilty in his eyes?

    Lets start off...

    Have you ever lied?

    If you said you didn't, you just made another one.

    yes. What does that make you? A liar.

    Have you ever stolen something?

    anything as small as candy...

    common, you already told me you are a liar..

    yes. So what does that make you? A thief.

    Have you ever looked at a woman/or man with lust in your heart?


    So here are only three of the commandments, and from this we can see that we are lustful, lying, thieves...

    How well do you think you will do down the list?

    God said that if anyone breaks any of his laws he is damed for eternal life in the lake of fire.

    Now let me ask you again, are you guilty in the eyes of God?

    And my question is, are you willing to take the chance? And why?

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  • Why would God give up his son for us? He is God, he doesn't need to sacra...?

    He is God, he doesn't have to sacrifice anything for us...

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  • What would happen if I didn't follow the law?

    So lts say that I break the law and I shoot someone. I go to the court and they tell me I'm guilty. Ha, ha, they are so ignorant, don't they know that law doesn't exist? Why should I believe the constitution? its simply mans opinion.

    Am I going to be not guilty if I don't believe in law? Of course not. Just because I don't believe that the constitution is right that does not get me out of the consequences.

    Well here comes my point

    God created everything, and he made the rules (law). He told us that if we break his laws we will be punished. It is not going to get you out of the punishment if you say, "but I didn't believe in law because I didn't believe in God".

    You will still be punished.

    All of those who don't believe in God, take a second to consider what you will say in front of God "if he exists" and what your eternal life will look like.

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  • Why did God give us choice?

    If he wants us to love him why didn't he just make it so we all love him?

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