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My name is Beansy

  • What's the best way to hide the smell of sweat?

    Since working from home I feel like showering every morning is unnecessary as I only see one person all day. For environmental and financial reasons I'm now only washing once a week. I think it's for the best. It also allows me longer in bed in the morning. 

    What's the best way of making it so I don't stink for when I want to make love to my wife?

    21 AnswersMen's Health1 week ago
  • How do I stop my fat wife from eating nutella?

    Seriously. She sits there and eats it with a spoon. All the time. Now she's fat. She even eats it when she's in the bath. 

    3 AnswersDiet & Fitness1 week ago
  • Do babies have finger nails?

    My wife is due to give birth soon and we were wondering, when the baby comes out will it have long finger nails? Presumably it will have some, and won't have had access to any nail clippers in there. Will we need to cut the baby's nails? Do you get special small baby sized nail clippers or can we use adult sized?

    4 AnswersNewborn & Baby2 weeks ago
  • How come people don't like wearing masks?

    They seem like the best way to ensure that the secret 5g surveillance cameras don't realise what we're up to

    3 AnswersGovernment2 weeks ago
  • Rabbit question?

    My wife and I bought a pet rabbit for our daughter. She loves the rabbit. They're best friends. However, my mother in law came over last night and thought the rabbit was food. She's from a big hunting family, and she's always killing things to eat. So, she went to the hutch and hunted our daughter's rabbit and skinned it and baked it into a rabbit pie. We all ate the pie, including my daughter, as we didn't realise it was our pet rabbit. It was pretty good. But how do I explain to my daughter that her granny killed the bunny rabbit and then my daughter ate it?

    1 AnswerOther - Pets2 weeks ago
  • What does monkey blood taste like?

    I got an ice cream the other day and the man in the ice cream van asked if I wanted monkey blood on top. That's the weirdest question I've ever been asked

    6 AnswersCooking & Recipes2 weeks ago
  • How do I become a priest?

    I know the bible. Basically there's adam and eve and a snake makes them eat a apple and god kicks off and then there's moses and he writes the ten commandments and Noah makes a boat for animals and god drowns everyone else and then the baby jesus comes along and feeds everyone bread and fish and turns water into wine and then the Romans kill him and he sings always look on the bright side of life.

    6 AnswersReligion & Spirituality2 weeks ago
  • Can you make a pie with leftover Chinese food?

    I've got some left over egg fried rice and sweet and sour chicken and seaweed and spring rolls and prawn crackers and I was wondering what to do with it and I thought it might make a nice pie.

    3 AnswersCooking & Recipes4 weeks ago
  • Can I hatch supermarket eggs?

    How long would I need to sit on a egg to incubate it and make a chicken come out,? I'm thinking it would be more economical to buy a box of 6 eggs and sit on one of them until a chicken came out and then make that chicken lay me more eggs. If it's going to take more than 5 days do you think I need a bigger box of eggs? I like to have a boiled egg every day for my breakfast but not on a Friday. For religious reasons. Catholics like me can't eat meat on a friday. I dont know why. Anyway. Back to the chicken thing.

    4 AnswersOther - Food & Drink4 weeks ago
  • What happened with these eggs?

    I always get 6 eggs with my weekly shopping. I like a boiled egg every day for my breakfast. But not on a Friday. Never ever on a Friday. I'm a devout catholic so I can't eat meat on a Friday. Anyway. This week the shop accidentally sent me a box of 10 eggs. That's too many for me, and I've already ordered 6 for next week. I've read you need to be careful with eggs and their sell by dates so rather than take any risks I thought I should freeze them. Anyway, a few days later I went to the freezer and the eggs had burst. Does this mean the eggs were fertilised and a baby chicken tried to get out?

    5 AnswersOther - Food & Drink4 weeks ago
  • Could this be the next great novel? Constructive feedback and ideas please?

    I came up with an idea for a book where the hero of the series of novels is a little boy called Drew Murty and he's the president of a country called Beansyland and there's an outbreak of a disease which turns people into zombies and it's really contagious like worse than covid 19 so Drew Murty tells the citizens of Beansyland that they have to go into lockdown but then people don't listen and go shopping for toilet roll and Drew Murty has to take matters into his own hands and becomes a zombie killer and he kills all the zombies one by one until there are no more zombies and Drew Murty is hailed as a hero and named as the King of Beansyland and they put the zombies on a big fire to kill them all forever and at the bonfire Drew Murty eats one of the dead zombies because he was hungry and because of this he catches the zombie virus and becomes a mindless zombie and because he has been declared King of Beansyland the people have no choice but to agree to become zombies or go to jail for treason and Beansyland changed its name to Zombieland and then voted to leave the EU.

    7 AnswersBooks & Authors4 weeks ago
  • Can you eat chicken breasts medium rare?

    I love a rare sirloin steak. Delicious. I've heard you shouldn't undercook chicken so I've done it probably closer to medium. Just a bit pink in the middle. I'm hoping I haven't overdone it. It's nowhere near as pink as duck is when I eat that. I'm not convinced on the texture. Should I cook it for a shorter time next time?

    15 AnswersCooking & Recipes4 weeks ago
  • Can you freeze tinned food?

    When coronavirus happened I got carried away and panic bought tinned food. I know have approximately

    48 cans of tomato soup 

    24 cans of chicken soup

    24 cans of vegetable soup

    48 cans of corned beef

    48 cans of baked beans

    48 cans of marrowfat peas

    24 cans of potatoes

    8 cans of sweetcorn 

    12 cans of tuna chunks 

    8 cans of chilli con carne

    Obviously it's going to take a while to get through all of that.

    Is it possible to store these goods in the freezer to extend their shelf life?

    49 AnswersOther - Food & Drink4 weeks ago
  • Can I keep a fox as a pet?

    Theres a lady fox near me and its pregnant and I want to take one of its puppies as a pet. I hear foxes are clever. Can I train it to do tricks?

    9 AnswersOther - Pets4 weeks ago
  • Why does the fox keep coming in my garden?

    Every time he comes I feel bad for him and put out a bowl of pedigree chum. He keeps coming back. Its costing me a fortune.

    11 AnswersDogs4 weeks ago
  • Could the power of prayer be the cure to covid 19?

    Should churches all around the world get together and hold a mass ceremony on the tv on sunday? Something like live aid that everyone could watch together. And if we all pray really hard to jesus maybe this pestilence will be lifted. The Archbishop of Canterbury and the Pope should get together and so some serious praying.

    Or perhaps we could try sacrificing some virgins? That could work too

    9 AnswersReligion & Spirituality2 months ago
  • How come people think space is a vacuum?

    If space really was a vacuum then how come theres space dust? If it was a vacuum then it would be clean. No dust.

    10 AnswersAstronomy & Space2 months ago
  • What do you think of this Game of Thrones theory?

    At the end of the first episode Bran is pushed out of the window by a bad bad man who he interrupted bumming his own sister. I think everything that happens from then on was just a dream that Bran was having. Next year they should do another series with what really happened - Ned and Robert go to Kings Landing and rule together and it's all peaceful and everyone lives happily ever after especially Sansa and Joffrey. But not Bran because he's broken.

    1 AnswerDrama2 months ago
  • Is this coronavirus theory right?

    Coronavirus is man made a bit like the white walkers in game of thrones were made by the children of the forest and the night king will come soon

    2 AnswersInfectious Diseases2 months ago
  • Now that BoJo has rid us of coronavirus, when will the pubs reopen?

    I see football is back soon so I really need go get down the boozer with the boys so we can enjoy the football properly. Come on BoJo - we're GREAT Britain. We won the war with our blitz spirit - now it's time to reap the rewards! Get those pubs open!

    12 AnswersCurrent Events2 months ago