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  • Can I get a child tax credit?

    I have a 15 month old son. I was a stay out home mom for the better part of 2014.My son's dad and his family were abusive to me so I ran away to nbe back with my family. I got a job, but only worked for about 6 week in 2014, from late Nov. through Dec.

    Will I be able to get a good amount? I am wanting to get a car so I can get back a forth to work and go to school. If I can't get very much are my sister and her husband able to claim my son and give me to money? They've made about $40,000. We've lived with them since mid Oct and they've paid for things like diapers and food.

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  • Could he just take my son like that?

    My boyfriend has been working a job 30 minutes away. Rather than coming home he has been staying at his mom's house for the past week. He wanted me to come out there with my son to stay with him for the next month until we move out of our apartment here. I don't wanted to stay there because it's dirty, the sleeping arrangements are not good and it's to much of a hassle to pack everything up to live out of my suitcase for the next month when this apartment is still in our name.

    Well my boyfriend got mad about that and today he just showed up at our apartment where me and my son were and just gathered up some diapers, clothes etc. and took him. He never discussed this with me or anything. His mom was with him too. And I begged him not to take him but he didn't care. I am the primary care provider. I stay home with him and feed, change him etc. My son is breastfeed.

    Can he just take him like that?

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  • Is this mean or selfish? (Mother's Day)?

    Tomorrow my boyfriend is taking his mom out for a mother/son day. Taking her to dinner and whatever else they are going to do (I don't know). Is it mean and selfish that if he buys her a Mother's Day gift on top of that I think it's BS?

    Now before you jump down my throat, let me say that she is a leech who never has any money of her own. He's already paid her car insurance and bought her monthly phone card for her this week. Which already comes out to $125-$150.

    We don't have a lot of money and this is my first Mother's Day. I'm not say I want a whole bunch of expensive stuff, but he told me how she was so terrible to him growing up now he treats he like she's a queen.

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  • Boyfriend's sister in law tried to have an affair?

    After months of suspicion my boyfriend finally admitted that his sister in law (his brother's wife) had been trying to sleep with him for nearly a year. He says he never told me because he didn't want to start drama because not only is it family, but he also works with his brother and sister in law and they are his bosses.

    I am feeling sad and confused and I don't know if I can trust him now because 1. A few weeks ago my boyfriend and I were having a hypothetical discussion about cheating and I asked him if he would ever tell me if he cheated on me and he told me if it was a one time "mistake" he wouldn't tell me because he said it wouldn't be worth all the drama of hurting me and breaking my trust in him. So now I am feeling paranoid, wondering if maybe they did sleep together and he just won't tell me. When I was 5-7 months pregnant I was living in a different state and he was staying with his brother and sister in law


    2. Even if not that, I am still hurt that he basically lied to me and kept this secret for about 8 months.I swore up and down that she was trying to hook up with him and he told me I was crazy, he was like a brother to her, he wouldn't do that to his brother and she wouldn't do it her husband blah blah blah. Ok *****, you're not slick trying to get my man to spend the night, using your kids as an excuse that they "miss their Uncle James" while your husband is working overnight!

    Sorry if this is so long. Am I overacting?

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  • Charter internet installation fees outrageous?

    Hi, my boyfriend and I are looking into getting high speed internet. We keep getting ads for Charter's $29.99 each when you bundle cable, internet and phone. Well we aren't really interested in cable because we feel there really isn't anything worth watching. Also, we have no need for home phone, since we both have our cell phones. But my boyfriend wants a good connection so we can have netflix and stuff like that. So he called up Charter to inquire about it and got quoted approximately $160. $40 of it being the first months bill, I believe. Then $120 for the router and installation/service fees. This seems a bit high to me. Is this accurate? Does it have anything to do with the fact that they are no contract? We live in Oregon, if that matters.

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  • Touble with airlines while pregnant?

    Ladies have any of you been given trouble with airlines lately about flying while pregnant? I am currently 27 weeks pregnant. My boyfriend and I have planed a move to Oregono over the last few months. My boyfriend went ahead of me at the begining of June to get everything prepared, while I have beenstaying with my grandparent in Florida. I am to follow in a couple weeks on July 29. I will be 30 weeks at this point by the way.

    Now my grandparents are all up in arms, freaking out because my grandmother heard that a friend of a friend's daughter was prohibited from flying for being approximately 7 months pregnant. Supposedly she was turned down by multiple airlines for being high risk.

    I questioned if the girl had any prior issues, but my grandmother told me "No, they had a note from the doctor and everything!"

    So, now my grandparents are freaking out because they think I will not get out there to be with my boyfriend in time for the birth and all that. I feel like there is more to this story, that they don'r know. Anyone else have trouble with airlines refusing to let you fly at that point?

    The airline I'm going by is Southwest, if it helps.

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