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    Can Buddhist desire sex, career, and youth?

    Great group!! I'm new to this way of thinking with only light exposure to it in my youth. I only have 3 areas of desire sex, creativity, and wanting to be youth again

    .1. I just want to get some work on myself to look more refreshed and more presentable to others. I feel it is showing respect to others; like in fine dressing, clean body, and hair. I don't feel it's superficial but respectful of others and myself. 2.Sex? At 59, I still feel it and feel deprived without it!!. 3. Career? I compose music, sing, and write 'New Age'' books based on quantum physics.

        Question: Am I still on the path of nirvana? hey, my music is classy and the one I like is classy too. However, to get work done, or practice visualizations for youth? are these all fine - hey, you tell me.

      I give $150. per month to charities out to 4k income? not 10 percent but most don't even do that?   St Jude's children hospital will be my next offering - $20 month Il do

  • A link to any websites that might teach music theory?

     I need to really learn music! I compose in FL studio. I create classical and techno/trance music. I'm working my way up to creating my own track beats to sing with; to its complete a full song. beats/vocal - I need to create proper beats for my songs - background music. I really truly need to learn music theory in the old school matter - paid or free websites suggest..please. 

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  • Can I write a song using both flats and sharps ?

    I never saw it before. I just use sharp because I'm a new B. Are there songs in A#/ C flats?

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  • What is the character/feel, the ambiance of using writing in a flat or sharp? I've heard flats of jazz and sharps are mysterious. ?

    So your choices are:  smooth jazz or thought-provoking. Passive beauty or Active beauty. Is this true?

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