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  • 14-16 hour of regular work..what can I do ?

    Im a graduate software engineer from India and Im quite good at what I do in programming -- but still have so much moro to learn. I just graduated a year back.

    Now I work for this software dev company -- the work is great . Get to work on really high end technologies. But I work like 14-16 hours a day on a regular basis. Sometimes on weekends too. There are times when work load is reduced to 10 hour/ day -- but this is short lived. What can I do ? Im really under pressure for most part of the day and recently saw a sharp increase in my blood pressure.

    Now the problem is , I cannot leave the company for another year -- I could , but I wont be getting any experience letter -- which would mean I wasted my year ( although I learnt a lot) . Im really stressed on how to proceed.. Im not sure ill survive another year..Please help me out...Finding a job will be hard if I quit now , especially without the experience letter..

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  • Fantasy book(or movie / visual) suggestion?

    Ok Im looking for a fantasy book to read and have a specific requirement of the type. I don't know how to explain but here it goes .

    Though an avid reader of the mainstream fantasy titles like GoT and LOTR , currently I'm looking for something different - something more cheerful. Not wars , fight for power - but a more laid back ,sunny , feel good fantasy. I'd like to get a feeling of walking through a vast meadow as I read it - with the cool spring breeze blowing over my face . Something which describes beautiful landscapes , villages , castles , fantasy creatures , fairies , pixies. Sounds like a children's book and I wouldn't mind that , though I'd prefer a more adult read. Other genres which inspire a similar feeling are also welcome.

    5 star to anyone who gives anything close

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  • What's up with Jeremy Brett's(Sherlock) love life ?

    Ok I was reading up on the life of Jeremy Brett , the actor who played Sherlock Holmes in the 80s. I learnt he had was gay and had two partners ( at different periods of time ) both of whom died of AIDS. Is there a connection here ? Did Brett have AIDS too ? What's the deal ?

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  • If there was an afterlife , which one of the following would you like to become?

    Ok i know most people dont believe in psychics and stuff but I strongly do. I don't want anyone saying things like "your a moron" and stuff...its a serious question. Respect my views.

    Ok my psychic told me that due to the things I've done in this life, in the next life ill either become a parrot or a barracuda ( its a type of fish) . Without any intervention , I can become any one of those on random but If he performs a ritual , he can chose what I would become - he can either make me a parrot or a barracuda. The ritual cost for parrot is 800$ and for barracuda it is 650$.

    I would like to know which one do you guys think would be worth it... If people can point out some pros and cons between that too Id be very thankful . Also consider the cost as 150$ makes a lot of difference to me.

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  • Help : thryoid surgery..URGENT.?

    My mom is having thyroid surgery tonight for multinodular goitre...

    The surgeon said he will remove one lobe completely since the nodule there is large...from the other lobe, he will remove JUST the nodules (which are around 7mm in size).

    From the research Ive done, it seems to me that its not common practice to remove just the nodule...Is this normal? I'm concerned that the surgeon is a little old school.....What are the possible complications from this

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  • IS this thyroid cancer?HELP :(?

    My mom's thyroid glads were swollen...ultra sound revealed that multiple echoic nodules ranging from 7mm - 28mm were found...few necrotic regions were found....analysis was that its multinodular goitre..

    we have to show the scan to the doc tomorrow and im freaking out right now....could this be cancer??? what is multinodular goitre...

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  • Front tire fell in a ditch - Car?

    I was taking reverse and the right side tire fell in a huge pothole...the left tire was still planted to the ground so that's how deep it it possible I damaged something crucial ? the right portion was partially touching the road due to the fall

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  • My cat planning to murder the other cat?

    I have two cats both of which are about a year old...both grew up from kittens....they sleep together, eat together and roam around together..but recently one of the cats has become a bit aggressive..they used to play from before, biting each other but now it seems one cat is biting like it really means it..its not just sometimes,,,ive seen it biting its throat even they are outside...its been going on from 4 days and the other cat seems fine till now...but im a bit concerned...both cats have come of age and is it possible one of them is trying to eliminate its competition and have all the ladies for itself?

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  • Help please !!!! Read fullly :( :( Cat in trouble..?

    Hi.. A week ago, I saw tiny worms coming out of my cat's butt.. I was very busy back then so I ignored it. Then three days ago, my cat stopped eating and started acting lazy. I took her to the vet immediately who told its a hook worm infection. Now he's only vet nearby and is a bloody moron. I just dont trust him though he always seems to have a good opinion from others. Anyways, he took one look at her eyes and said its hook worms. He gave some anti-biotic shots and gave tablet course for 4 days (which were like some good bacteria tablet or something) . Anyways, its been 2 days since the vet visit and she was still the same. Her general condition was a bit better but she hadnt touched food or water. I was scared . Just now, she woke up from her 5 hour sleep, pooped watery poop RIGHT ON THE FLOOR, ran into the kitchen and drank like a full bowl of water. This is the first time I saw her drink or eat anything in 3 days. She's still not quite herself and is refusing to eat food but..Is this a good sign ? Will she be ok now? Has the worst passed? Please worms cause such severe illness? The vet wont be available tomorrow and its night now..I called him and he said give it some rehydration solution nothing else..I need someone with experience to give me some informed answer..Even I can guess and I dont feel comfortable with it

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  • Could this be oral cancer?

    Hi Im 22 and Ive been a smoker for past 4 years . Ive smoked about 4 cigarettes a day and on occassions ( once a month) , about a pack or two a day...Today I noticed a small lump of flesh in the under side of my cheek..its mildly painful only when I touch it with my tongue.. It looks like It developed because of rubbing against my teeth as im a bit chubby in my cheek area..It looks like a small flab of flesh with no noticeable discoloration. Could this be oral cancer?

    1 AnswerCancer8 years ago
  • Cat doesnt eat anything even after vet vist?!?

    The Day before, my cat wasnt eating anything and was acting lazy and staying outside the house and pooping watery and red poop. Took to the vet same evening who said its worms so he gave some antibiotic shots and also gave a few medicines to be taken over 4 days. Its been 2 days since. He still doesnt eat. He's not too weak.. But seems a less active than normal..But refuses to eat. I force fed him water and some milk ( very little like 2-3 teaspoon ) through a dropper and repeated it 3-5 times. He's sleeping in his usual place ...Im scared..What should I do ? Will he get better in a few days ? Is this normal for worms ( he said hook worms ).

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  • Help? Could it be sign of breast cancer?


    My mom complains of pain in her breast ( she says it feels like there's a bruise inside or its wounded inside). Not daily but suddenly one day she complains then its not there for a month . She gets cancer check up each year and the next one is due in a few months. Her sister had died of breast cancer. Just want to know could this be a sign? Only if you are sure please Cus I dont want to be paranoid. What else could it indicate? Would once a year check up be enough or will it be too late in some cases? How is progression and treatment of breast cancer and how early (in terms of years/months etc) would it have to be found in order for treatment to be effective?


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  • Could this tree root damage my home?

    Ok I had a papaya tree which was growing close to a wall. The wall collapsed recently and we found the culprit to be the papaya tree who's roots had gone into the stones and broken it apart.When heavy rain came, the wall just gave way.

    Now, I have a guava tree close to my house(about 5 feet away from its base) and Im scared its roots may damage the building foundation as well. We want to cut it down but want a second opinion as I really love that tree but still losing my entire home isnt worth it. Any help would be appreciated.

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  • Does the blower affect Milage? Help easy 10 points.?

    Ok my car AC has just on/off options..Rest is controlled by the blower fan..I was wondering if setting the blower at different speeds affects the mileage of the car ? I mean , its just a small fan right ? Wont it just run off battery or something ? Why would it affect the mileage significantly ? Please clarify.

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  • Im overwieght but I want to go trekking..HELP?

    oK I love going hiking and trekking in the forest and hills..but Im overweight(5.6 height, 180 pounds)...I can walk for about 5 kms and then I get out of breath.....if its a steep climb,it happens even earlier...yet I have gone hiking a lot, a lot more than many average some really difficult places...but it always takes a lot out of me physically....What can I do ? A hike is coming up in couple of days, and Its going to be the toughest yet...Any idea or tips to not go out of breath ? I want to make the climb and not be left behind...?

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  • Im overwieght but I want to go trekking..HELP?

    oK I love going hiking and trekking in the forest and hills..but Im overweight(5.6 height, 180 pounds)...I can walk for about 5 kms and then I get out of breath.....if its a steep climb,it happens even earlier...yet I have gone hiking a lot, a lot more than many average some really difficult places...but it always takes a lot out of me physically....What can I do ? A hike is coming up in couple of days, and Its going to be the toughest yet...Any idea or tips to not go out of breath ? I want to make the climb and not be left behind...?

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  • can you name this anime which used to air on AXN?

    There used to be this anime...i dont remember much about it...the intro song used to be in japanese with a nice ws slightly sexual with some half dressed girl ws named something like 7 star warriors...not sure if it was the anime's name but I heard it somewhere in the show...I vaguely remember 7 main characters,one with a huge sword...any idea?

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  • Do affiliate programs work in all countries?

    I know most affiliate programs pay in US dollars.I was wondering if its applicable to other countries say India. question:

    1. Will I get paid in dollars or rupee ?

    2. do they send out checks/money to India or does it only work in US?

  • Which area / country should I target my website ? Help ?!?


    Im planning on launching a website on a particular aim is to gradually build traffic and then probably make some revenue through affiliate marketing. Im from India .

    My query :

    being from India, should I target people of US /Europe or should I make it specifically for my country. ?? Which would be more visible?? MY main concern is ..will my site show up on google search in the US ? I know google bases its search based on user's location too so just wondering which would bring me more traffic..

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  • WTF do computer engineers do ?! Curious.?

    Ok , Im from India and here, as soon as you complete you're degree in engineering , you join a company and work there . That's normal for us.

    Im quite active on various tech forums and one thing I noticed is that, almost all western people dont really seem to have a job. They sit at home, do some work , and finally earn a lot. But dont really have a job in a company. Is this how it is there ? Is corporate culture less in the west? Cus I see a vast majority of people just chilling at home, doing weed and still earning lots for some 'websites' or so called "blogs".

    Seems really strange to me..though I'd love to have such a life.

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