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  • Student loan in default. 3 credit recovery agencies try to collect at the same time...?

    I had a student load from 12 years ago go into default at that time 12 years ago due to becoming disabled and 3 credit collection agencies have been rotating, buying the note from each other. Now the 3 credit reporting agencies refuse to remove it from my report because they are rotating and making it look like the collection is under the 10 year removal clause. So, I have filed for the federal debt forgiveness program for federal student loans(Federal government bought all student loans like 8 years ago) but they still contact me, have even called family members like my cousin and father to collect this debt. Oh, also the debt is not accurate, 2 of the colleges I never went to and they are trying to make me pay 10k+ each. I don't know what to do. I've tried to get proof from the colleges and original loan granters but they either won't release the documents or are no longer in business or tell me to contact the collection agencies/federal dept of edu.. I don't know what to do Can anyone help or am I just screwed?

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  • I got packages left at my door today that I didn t purchase.?

    So, today I received several packages that I didn t order them so I called up the company listed on the packing slip to let them know and to arrange to ship them back. They told me that they are paid for and everything was in my name. I insisted that I did not place this order but they kept telling me everything is paid for so keep it. Now these were quite a few very expensive computer components and I m worried that if I keep them I ll be arrested or something but they won t take them back. What do I do, should I contact the police or just keep everything?

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  • What does this symbol mean?

    What does it mean, what s it s origin. Wiccan, celtic, etc. It s on a dining table and chairs

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