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  • How to generate multiple Excel files using macros?

    I am a lecturer that is trying to generate up to 250 Excel workbooks. I know absolutely nothing about coding, but I figured it must be possible to generate workbooks without manually having to do so? I need my workbook names to be unique, and I need each workbook to have different amounts of rows hidden, and password protected. For student 1, 1 row will be hidden, for student 2, 2 rows etc. I need these ranges to be password protected so that they cannot be edited.I am training them in modelling financials and due to online learning limitations, I want to give them 1 case study, but I want their workbooks to be structured in such a way so that plagiarism is more difficult to achieve. By hiding these cells, they will have to manually enter their own formulas, which won't prevent cheating, but at least they will do an extra part themselves. Any advice on tutorials I can watch/ programs to use that can help me achieve this faster than doing each one individually?

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  • My entire apple music library disappeared please help?

    I have had an Apple music account for over a year. In this time I have collected thousands of songs that I downloaded to be available offline. My subscription is paid, and my family sharing devices are all still working. When I went into apple music my entire (9800) songs were just GONE. How do I recover this without having to redownload and find all the songs again.

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  • Why is a put option out of the money where the strike price is lower than the strike price?

    I need help understanding WHY a put option is "out of the money" where the strike price is lower than that of the underlying future.

    I know that a put option gives the buyer the right to sell the asset at SP at any time up to the expiration date. I also know that put options are insurance against FALLING prices. My understanding is that by taking the option the pay-out needs to occur when the SP< Future meaning in the money..... can someone please explain why this is incorrect and why it is rather out of the money

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  • How to determine which Apple ID was used to purchase an iPad app?

    A few years ago I purchased an app on my iPad using one of my old Apple ID accounts. After some confusion and muddling of me and my family s ID s we all made new apple IDs. Now many years later I have gotten a new iPad and I cannot figure out which ID purchased this app. I need a way to know which apple ID it was that was used so that I can restore the purchase on my new device.. please help??

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  • Where to find practice papers with answers for soil science?

    I am currently a first year student studying Agriculture and I am doing soil science as a subject. We are writing a test soon and I am desperately trying to get my hands on some practice questions as my lecurer has failed to make any available.


    - Calculating particle and bulk density of soil

    -calculating porosity

    - calculating osmotic and gravitational potential of water in the soil

    - measuring and calculations of soil water content and potential

    I would love to have some examples to practice with answers so I can see if I am on the right path. Thank you

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  • Photograohy help?

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  • Supply and Demand graphs for economics please help.?

    I had an economics lecture yesterday where we did the supply and demand graphs as well as the factors which shift each one respectively.

    I understand the concept of complimentary and substitute products.

    The example my lecturer posted was:

    If the price in potato chips decreases what would happen to rice?

    He asked us to draw the graph. However when he drew it on the board the demand for rice had shifted positively. Can someone please explain why

    1 AnswerEconomics5 years ago
  • building a "simple" electric motor to lift loads?

    My science teacher in high school has given a project to build a "simple" electric motor to lift different loads in order to calculate power. I have searched the Internet flat for tutorials but I do not have access to coated copper wire I can only access the basic wire sold at a hardware store. I have batteries and magnets and other basic hardware supplies. please help!!!

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  • building a "simple" motor to lift loads?

    I'm in high school and I have been given a project to determine how much power can be generated by a motor that was designed and built by me. I have been looking everywhere on Google for a tutorial but I cannot find one as none of the motors lift loads. Please help

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  • What is a random act of kindness I can do for girls in my school to start a trend?

    I recently did a project on effects of media on teens. I have noticed how upset many girls are in my school and I want to start an anonymous trend where we can all just compliment one another anonymously. Perhaps leaving a note on the door for someone. Any ideas?

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  • Tips for traveling UK?

    This question is aimed at those who have traveled through Europe or possible live somewhere in the UK. I am attending a 15 day school tour throughout August via 4Seasons. I am from Africa and have never traveled out of Africa, as a result I don't really know what is required to pack etc.. Please ray answer the following questions:

    1. What kind of travel bag should I pack with clothing etc? Am I going to walk long distances where a wheelie bag will be more convenient?

    2. Back pack? I can't decide what kind of backpack to take. I will be traveling with a Nikon camera with 2 external lenses as well as an iPad. I also was wondering if a moon bag is needed for money, valuables etc.

    3. Shoes? I don't want to take more than 2 pairs from a space perspective. I am packing comfortable walking shoes but should I take boots?

    4. What kind of plugs do I need to take?

    5. Will there be wifi in most places? Is it possible for me to buy a sim for my ipad and buy data there?

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  • 100 days of ?

    So my boyfriend and I are quite a playful couple. We enjoy surprising each other with little meaningful things or a coffee date, a letter and things like that. I am wanting to do a 100 day challenge for us but it's kinda gonna be like a bucket list/ treasure hunt thing. So every day he will have a clue/task and we will have to fulfill it :) it could be something as small as taking a picture together... To doing a painting. We both enjoy music, church and school. I don't know what to call this 100 day challenge... Any ideas???

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  • How to motivate someone and make them feel special in a difficult time?

    My cousin is in her early twenties and she has had a very rough life. She never finished school, has been living on her own and working to stay alive since she was just a young teenager. She had a very abusive mother growing up who did all kinds of horrible things to her. Her father (46 year old) recently married a girl younger than his daughter. He refuses to help my cousin in any way and avoids any contact with her. She is living with my grandparents (who are also struggling) while working as a nurse who cleans patients for no pay for 12 hour night shifts. She needs to be away from my grandparents in the week as they live far from where she works. Her whole life and all her belongings fit in a suitcase, I want to help her and do something to make her feel special. I just don't know how. I'm leaving here before she gets back and I want to leave something in her room for her.. Ideas?

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  • Attachment image

    What does this cartoon mean?

    This is a science topic that is going to be used to write an essay. Please describe what the cartoon is showing and why

    3 AnswersPhysics7 years ago
  • Next step for this story?

    I have written a short introduction and I wanna know where you guys think the story is going from reading it. It would really be awesome to know.

    He looked nothing like she had imagined. She reminded and replayed all the mental pictures of him she had painted in her mind all those text messages ago. Her eyes could not believe what they were seeing. She lied down at her feet, and her eyes caught on the big, white, silk dress that was draped around her body. She froze.

    Please answer!!! Thanks guys

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  • Movie dress up theme for a class?

    A school we are having a dress up competition between all the home room classes. The catch is that the whole class needs to dress according to the same movie. We are looking for a movie that will stand out where people will see who we are from a mile away.

    Superheroes and avatars are not going to work.


    Any ideas???

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  • Wattpad book cover please!?

    I'm busy writing a story on Wattpad and its called Scientific Sneakers. It's quite a cute story and I tried designing a cover by when I load it not all of it shows and it looks very amateur , where can I get hold of someone who can make a cover for me? I have pictures if needed.

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  • Christian music emblem/ bible versus about music?

    My friend is the bass guitarist at our church, and I want to get him a guitar strap for his birthday and have his name embroidered on it. I also want to put a bible verse on it about music. My problem is, that all the versus I can get are about singing, not music. Please help. I am also looking for ideas of maybe an emblem I can put on it like a treble clef wrapped around the cross. An suggestions will be awesome!

    2 AnswersReligion & Spirituality7 years ago
  • Blackberry torch camera won't capture image?

    When trying to take a photo on the blackberry torch, the camera does do the zooming and the auto focus and the flash does come on. The capture icon is blue at first and when using various buttons and the scroller to select "capture" the option goes black and the picture is not taken although the flash does flash. Have tried to reboot. Any help?

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