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  • Small (out-of-state) family gathering for Thanksgiving?  Is it worth the risk this year?

    I'm really torn about this.  

    On the one hand, we've not been able to go home (different state) to visit family since last Thanksgiving, and we would love to see them.  They've also made it plain that they hope we will be there.

    On the other, 2 family members are high-risk (in their 80s, and both cancer survivors and not in great health), and there's the potential for members of 6 households (although only 12 people max, more likely 6-9, depending on which grandkids -- all of them grown -- choose to attend or skip it) to interact indoors over several hours.

    Our (extended) family's typical Thanksgiving celebration is 30-40 people or more, so this year's plans have been scaled way back.  Since all the kids are grown and gone, and half of us moved away years ago, we no longer get together for Easter, Christmas, birthdays, or other occasions.  Thanksgiving has for years been THE big family dinner and we all make our best effort to be there.

    This year is different, of course.  I want to go, but I don't know if we should.  I don't know what to do.  Advice?  

    Thank you!

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  • Is there a term for someone who always gets what he/she wants?

    Because someone in my family is EXACTLY that person.  And I want to know if there's a correct reference!


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  • Can you suggest ways to help my dog past the loss of her 'little buddy'?

    My really old dog (15 or 16 yrs. old, I don't know) was euthanized (early August) and since then our other dog (pit bull, 7/8 yrs. old) has just not been herself.

    She's mopey and seems sad.  She doesn't want to go outside into the yard by herself.  She eats but not as much or as eagerly as she previously did.  

    She's healthy, had a comprehensive physical exam w/bloods in July and a dental in August, so medically she checks out just fine.

    She is not the joyful and happy dog that she was.  Any suggestions?

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  • Suggestions for lowering blood pressure without losing weight?

    I'm already taking daily meds but still borderline on the numbers. Don't really want to increase on the meds if not necessary, because of side effects I've previously experienced.

    I don't need to lose weight. My doc advises to maintain my current weight.

    I already know to cut back on salt, and I try to do that.

    Anything else? Thank you.

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  • Dog sneezed up a mess of blood. Was fine before and seems fine after. Eats and drinks as normal, no change in demeanor or daily habits.?

    I've not seen this happen before.

    He did paw at his face for a good 5 minutes or so after, but then seemed to forget about it and be OK. Nothing since then.

    Vets are only seeing emergencies right now. Do dogs get simple nosebleeds?

    The dog (he's ancient, at least 15, maybe older, but healthy as far as I know) seems happy and hungry and perfectly himself.

    I know he doesn't have much time left. I'm not sure what to do. I love him to bits but I'm not inclined to go to extreme measures (or expense) ... he's old, he's had a good life, and (sadly) his time is up.

    My question is ... Is it time to call it DONE?

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  • What should be be my next SUV?

    I'm about due to turn in my leased 2017 Jeep Compass (which I LOVE) and lease something new.

    I'm kinda loving the Mazda MX-5 but have never had a Mazda and don't know much about the brand.

    Advice or suggestions? Thank you!

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  • Keep or reschedule a med-check appointment with my regular doc during coronavirus outbreak?

    I have an appointment (scheduled 3 weeks ago) with my doctor (GP, not a specialist) to assess whether or not a newly-prescribed medication is working well for me.

    I'm not loving the thought of going somewhere that sick people are going every day, though I'm generally healthy (aside from mild, but managed, hypertension) and taking precautions to avoid getting sick myself.

    Advice? Thank you.

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  • $30K gift money. What to do with it?

    That's not a lot TOTAL. But it's a pretty nice sum that we didn't work for and that was gifted to the 2 of us.

    What to do with it? Any advice or suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you!

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  • Could I get some suggestions for a tasty and appealing potluck dish to share with people I don't know?

    My daughter and I plan to attend an all-day drop-in adoption event/fundraiser for the city dog rescue from which my dog was adopted.

    The only *admission cost* (if it could even be considered such) is to bring a potluck (or covered dish) food item to share with those who attend. Everyone contributes, everyone eats.

    Suggestions for a dish that could be made a day ahead and then reheated (if necessary) on the day of? Appetizers, salads, and desserts are fine, too. It can be kept hot or cold in transport but will be sitting out for several hours once we reach the event venue.

    All suggestions and/or recipes are welcome, and thank you!

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