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  • Two betta girls dead... what can be the reason?

    I had bought 4 bettas(girls) about 5 days ago and placed them in my 10gal tank. Today I found that two of them died and funny thing is that they weren't floating instead they were at the bottom and had turned white. In the tank - No live plants. Proper filter, avg temp is about 27-30 C. Tank is a little exposed to sunlight. A small goldfish(about a month old). Adequate hiding space for each of them.

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  • Chemical equations on coal related reactions... ?

    Guys please I need help. I am doing a written project on Coal and I need chemical equations on following conversions. or how the listed compounds are obtained from coal? I need chemical equations of those complex conversions.

    Ammonia, Benzene, toluene, Xylenes, Phenols, Napthalene, Tar Bases, Coke-Oven Gas, Coke.

    please post a link if you can find, or paste the data here.

    you can also mail me any relevant document or pdf at -

    please help me.

    Thank You.

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  • What do you think about the following line...?

    So I was playing with words, and tried to form a quote. I was wondering whether the sentence sounds correct or not(meaning and grammar), and what do you think about the implementation of the meaning of this quote, does it sounds to the point?

    "Just because you are at the finish line, doesn't mean you are the winner"

    Thanks for the suggestions,

    and please forgive me if this doesn't makes sense to you. :P

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  • Bubble sort of things in my fish bowl..?

    I have a betta and two (pond)snails in my bowl, with no filters running. I noticed that there are sticky small bubbles on the surface of the water, its not like the usual water bubble. Any idea on what it is?

    By the way, people say that snails multiply fast. Do you think, my snails would breed successfully in presence of the betta if the conditions of the bowl are unaltered?

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  • Can I use guppies as a feeder fish, for my betta?

    Ok, now the situation is, I have a betta. It is not having the usual fish food(dried worms) which is supplied in the market and brine shrimps are not available here locally. Only thing available here as an alternative is blood worms. I dont want to feed those things to my betta, they are disgusting and make the water dirty. While reading, I came to know that guppies can be breeded very easily. So I just wanted to know, whether I could use guppy as the feeder fish. If yes, please give me some heads up on breeding guppies. If not, then give me an alternative.

    Thank you.

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  • Are you one of those who uses his/her phone while in bathroom too? :P"?

    Just a general survey.

    Yes, i use it too when i'm in the bathroom.

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