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    Why in England and Wales misogyny is a hate crime but not misandry ?

    Now if some female / gay has her breasts looked at or approached , joked , hurt feelings is now a hate crime in Britain .

    A violation of free speech rights and unequal rights against men without due process rights .

    The future fall of western society is the future .

    10 Answers2 days ago
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    Where all the nice guys?

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    They died out because women are only interested in bad guys. 

    31 Answers3 days ago
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    Why do women initiate more domestic violence than men?

    Don’t they understand men are stronger and that women are therefore likely to come out on the worst side of any fight they start?

    8 Answers19 hours ago
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    Do women get knocked out more easily than men?

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    Thankfully we now have laws to protect women from violent thugs that go round punching people.  If you want to legally punch people, join a Boxing Club, otherwise get ready to be humiliated by the Police and get ready for a Prison sentence.

    4 Answers17 hours ago
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    Why are bathrooms still segregated based on gender?

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    That’s a thing of the past.  Biden signed an executive order allowing men to legally enter women’s restrooms and locker rooms (and vice versa).   I knew voting for Biden would pay off! 

    19 Answers3 days ago
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    Why is Tik Tok , Fakebook taking away mens sights that speak out against womens superior feelings ?

    Someone got there video banned on Tik Tok for asking 

    Do men prefer women with / without tattoos ? or her children  or sticking up for Men's rights too ?

    This world is scary authorian and orwellian verse .

    6 Answers2 days ago
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    Is it true that men's sexual attraction to female breasts is just because culture/media sexualized it?

    When I see daily life, I see so many young men (heterosexual) are concerned about breasts, staring at breasts. Even in movies hot scenes, so much emphasis is given to breasts as compared to men's chests. (Sometimes I feel almost every men around me love them)

    Lots of studies, articles talk about men's sexual attraction to breasts. Comparatively, we see far less concerns about men's chests and sexual attraction towards men's chests. It's easy to find men who will admit they love breasts during sex, while not so common that a women would say oh yes, the chests are so sexy. Not saying women aren't sexually attracted to chests, but as compared to men, there number is less. This is what I feel when I observe daily life, movies, media and a lot many things.

    Even when we are talking with our friends, and we see a hot women, there are chances we talk about her overall beauty and breasts. But in case women observe a hot guy, they might find him too hot, but less likely they'll say like "oh what a sexy chest, I'd like to play with it".

    I've read studies and articles which say breasts attraction has biological reasons. Many theories relate it with breastfeeds when we were infant. etc.

    HOWEVER, I've read some people say there's nothing like this. It's just because of culture. Nothing else. Some cultures started hiding women's breasts and since then it became sexually attractive because we love what is hidden.

    So is it true that it is just because of culture and hiding them?

    9 Answers3 days ago
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    So what do you think about Utah forcing biological fathers to pay half of pregnancy costs?

    Keep in mind that the governor is a man. Yup, another man in government that stepped all over the rights of his fellow men. Men that do this kind of sh*it should be castrated and forced to eat their own balls. 

    Really, how about the state violating the property rights of men and pandering to women. 

    Also, keep in mind that male governor is pro-life and yet anti-property rights of men. Go figure. 

    All the while this is going on male rights group are demanding an opt out of child support. Yup, men continue to get ignored and stepped on. 

    8 Answers10 hours ago
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    As king of Gender Studies, I wanted to bid adieu to my subjects?

    I am sure most of my loyal subjects (and worthiest adversaries) are no longer around, its been a while since I came on here! I haven't been around on this website for several years now but I had to come back when I heard this place was being shut down for good. I am top of the UK Gender Studies leaderboard for those of you who don't know me. A few years ago I ruled this section but then left as this place went downhill and real life took priority. 

    Here are some horonable mentions of users who rocked this place along with me in its heyday (some I got along with, some I didn't). 



    Princess Blaise


    Common Sense


    Granny Tea

    If you are a long time user, mention in your answers the memories that you have of this section, what you are going to miss about it and what do you plan to move onto next? 

    10 Answers3 days ago
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    Does fantisizing about Tanks and air craft carriers, turn some men on?

    Favourite answer:

    I don't think it is a sexual thing but a power thing, I like aircraft myself something that can take out tanks and air craft carriers except for the one I land my aircraft on of course...


    9 Answers4 days ago
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    Why don't parents teach girls to know their limitations?

    My son "Jason" is in 11th grade. Recently after a school event, a girl in his grade "Mary" came up to me and complained that Jason is being creepy and is stalking her. Now, Mary is kind of an ugly duckling who is dying to be popular.

       I asked Mary what she meant by stalking and creepy. She said that Jason tries to sit next to her in class, and he likes a lot of her social media posts. I decided to give her a lecture that her parents failed to give her:   "That's not stalking, and it's not creepy to sit next to you in class, or to like your social media posts that you knowingly made available for him to see. Instead of falsely accusing my son of things he isn't doing, maybe you should thank Jason for even giving you time of day, given your limitations compared to the more popular girls. But, if you don't want to date Jason, that's fine, you don't have to....I'll tell him he needs to stop hitting on you, if that's really what he's doing. In return, you've got to stop falsely accusing him of things he isn't doing....and you really should lower your standards when it comes to guys, unless you want to end up alone forever."   This is not so much a failure on Mary's part, but on her parents' part. They clearly did not teach her that she has appearance limitations that popular girls don't have. We need to stop teaching girls that they are beautiful the way they are. Mary may find a guy who likes her, but not if she keeps calling them creepy and stalker.

    6 Answers11 hours ago
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    Should a guy elect to be awake or put under for a vasectomy?

    My anesthesiologist says it’s my choice, but the description of being awake sounds uncomfortably reminiscent of the the Spanish Inquisition. 

    8 Answers2 days ago
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    Is it not a shame that Ireland has let go of the morals that got it so far?

    Ireland was a unique example in its preservation of morals. Now it is a haven for transsexuals, homosexuals and feminists, just like the rest of Western Europe.

    8 Answers2 days ago