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Can I get virgin vagina back?

Dr. I am meghana 23yrs old. I have been in relation with my boyfriend from past 5yrs. We had sex every 2-3 times a week literally.

Recently came to know he was cheating on me so broke up with him. Its been 3 months that I broke up.

My parents want me to get married, but I am scared whether my husband will come to know I am not a virgin.

I want to tighten my vagina into virgin vagina for a good life ahead.

I know by hiding it, I am cheating him but I am helpless. Cant tell him the truth. You can understand how much it matters to a husband his wife's virginity in India. My family's reputation and all will get spoiled if this matter comes out.I was a fool to trust my boyfriend.

My marriage date is out.3months after in my marriage.

I am going to gym and doing whole body toning exercises (thredmill,cycle,cross trainer, stretching exercises,etc) and i am doing kegel exercise too.

Please help me out. I need your help desperately.

Please mail me

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    No need to worry.

    The fact is that vagina is like a collapsed balloon,

    flexible and accommodates

    even a baby's head.

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    Relax. Need not worry much. There is an option. You can't get back your virginity, but you can tighten your vagina by using vaginal tighten cream. There are a few vaginal tightening creams available in the market.Check 18 again , Everteen.With these creams, there are kegel exercises.

    Once you apply these creams and do those kegel exercises, you can definitely feel the change

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    Yes you need to set your friend down and tell her in a caring kinda way that she needs to start bathing on a daily basis . Offer to wash her clothes at your house if she can not wash them at home for some reason .If you are a true friend she will understand . Maybe you can help her pick out some pretty smelling body wash , lotion and powder or body spray {the body wash is a must } . Tell her you love her as a friend but you do not want other people dogging her out because of something that can be taken care of . Insist to her that if she is sleeping on your bed or couch or whatever that first she must get the stink off so as not to make your stuff smell bad . If you do this in a caring way she will thank you later . Maybe you can suggest a day or evening out and have a day of beauty before hand , starting with a shower , brushing teeth , fixing hair and makeup and clean clothes . She will feel good about herself , especially if you tell her how nice she looks .

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    Im an Asian girl like you, so I absolutely understand the importance of virginity for a girl. Although nowdays, boys have opening thoughts about purity, they still get mad, unhappy if their wife is not a virgin. Having sex before marriage becomes more and more popular in our society. However, I myself think it's better to keep our virginity untill the first wedding night. You lost your virginity to a bad man. That is your worst pain. It's better for you to tell your future husband the truth. If he loves you truely, he will not care about your "mistake" ^^. If telling the truth is impossible, you can take a surgery to reconstruct your hymen which is very easy to conduct at present. I know many girls in my country who take surgery not once but 2-3times. After taking the surgery, all of them are selfconfident.But I have to tell you that if your future husband is experienced in making love, he will discover the truth. So you have to pretent & have actions like a virgin. Good luck for you ^^

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    Virginity only happens once. There is

    reconstructive surgery available for

    the hymen- you should know

    though that :

    a. Men can't feel the hymen;

    b. Not all hymen bleed, so there's no

    way someone would know you

    weren't a virgin without performing

    a medical examination;

    c. No body who demands that you

    be a virgin is worth your time- ask

    them how they plan to prove that

    they are virgins???

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    He will never be able to know what you did in past hence be relax , and forget the past , never tell your husband the truth, or he will leave you, and nobody can tighten your vagina if some body claims then he is making you fool.

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    your virginity may had been break

    but since you have no child yet the thightness of your vagina is still there unlike the vagina that has bear a child, it widens

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    I'm sorry but I don't think you can.

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    NO you can't !

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