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will i be a pregnant?

Hello first day of my last period was on 1/6/2013....and had sex with my husband continuously till 14/6/2013..due to some reasons we didn't have sex from 15th to 23.....i have a 30 day cycle....are there any chances for me to get pregnant...?? very much eagerly waiting to be a me

Thanks in advance

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    Home pregnancy test. Depends on fertility and all that technical stuff

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    Regular / daily sex is not a positive way to conceive too fast. Its totally depend upon the fertility and sperms count. In daily sex sperm count dose reduce. If you get pregnancy then well and good. if not than, i want to suggest you to start the sex from after 7 days from the cycle to 14 once in 24 hours with full excitement. and you will get result.


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    More chances are there to get pregnant.It depend on your fertility. Wait until for the next periods, if you didn't get your period make a test by using the pregnancy test kits listed below.


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    There is a chance. But only a chance. All the best.

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    Yes May Be Or No.... 60% Yes

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    Good luck I hope

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