what can you tell me about trading in gold eft's?

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    Gold ETF are the right instrument to invest in right now.Stocks would remain and go further down.Global economy going down in a recession.All currency including USDollar depreciating would lead to a rise in gold prices .

    Funds and institutions would be safe gaurding most of thier wealth by investing in gold and silver.

    It is prudent that you too put in your capital in to Gold ETFs and ride the bull wave in gold at least for next couple of years.

    You would be handsomely rewarded .

  • 1 decade ago

    gold eft's are like shares , u can buy gold (on papers) and sell it on the current price , in the market , but their r hidden things , like u have to pay the bank or some one who actually takes care of that gold , it means if u keep gold for long time , its investment cost will increase .

    plus when u buy it u have to pay surpluses (tax+ trading amount) and again when u sell u have to pay the surpluses ,

    So its better to buy Gold , instead of eft's.

  • 1 decade ago

    Today gold is going higher and higher, but dnt make a mistake buy trading gold. Sooner it'll come down, i mean by end of may and will not rise till 2010.

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