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From where I can get a horse riding trainer to teach our school students?

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    The best thing you can do is to contact an equestrian center in your area and ask them. They should be familiar with instructors, and can give you some information on how to go about obtaining one. Good luck

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    I am an instructor and teaching beginners is my FAVORITE! I love to incorporate challenges into the lessons as it keeps everyone from getting bored and kids especially love the change from the rail :) 1. I will have students practice their figure 8's. I set up cones in a figure 8 pattern (2 circles with cones at 12,3,6 & 9, like a clock) and teach them to count strides between cones to perfect their circles. 2. Set up cones in a straight line and have students practice weaving their horses through (at a walk) using only their legs and seat (kids really have a blast with this one. I just make sure to laugh and encourage rather than always correcting on this one) 3. Set up a simple obstacle course (riding around a barrel, walking the horse in a straight line (cavalettis set up parallel to each other and walk horse in between), taking a flag from a cone and placing in another cone (or bucket to make it easier), etc. 4. Have the kids do a pattern (age appropriate). I and my students show Arab circuit so I try to pick from patterns they will be doing. 5. If there is a day that we're not riding I get the quietest horse I have and we paint the bones on the horse. Or I do 1/2 the lesson riding and 1/2 the lesson doing this. ALWAYS a favorite! The kids don't even realize that they're learning. For the little ones, I keep it really simple! I guess the best piece of advice I can pass on (and I've been giving lessons for over 20 years) is to have fun! Keep a smile on your face and really encourage the kids, show them that they're doing a great job, and keep them engaged in the lesson. There are great books by the way. Themed Lesson Plans for Riding Instructors by Melissa Troup Teaching Children to Ride by Jane Wallace (this book has great ideas for kids) Games on Horseback (can't remember who this is by) Have fun :)

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