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nothing from my side or nothing from my end?

Is it correct to use nothing from my end or my side OR that's all from my end/side during a conference meeting over a phone call? When we have people from different geography in the meeting... If not what is the right way to express that that's all I had to update...

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    It does not really matter which expression you use. The meaning will be understood quite well. However, you might feel more comfortable if you use the ' end' version, because that would go well with someone who was 'on the end' of a telephone line. It's a minor point, though.

    Now, as regards using 'nothing from my end' or 'that's all from my end', this is what I suggest:

    'nothing from my end.' You should say this if you have been asked if you have anything to contribute to a discussion on a particular topic. If you have nothing to say on the matter, you can say, 'no, nothing from my end.'

    'that's all from my end.' You should say this when you have given all the information or opinion that you have on the matter. That tells the other people that you have said all that you wish to say on the subject, and they can move on to discuss something else.

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