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how do you build a prize wheel?

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    If you're handy at all it's not that hard. For the wheel you need a piece of plywood at least 1/2" thick cut in a circle. You'll need a stand to put it on. If it is to stand on a table your stand should be about 16 inches longer than the circles diameter. Use a 4 x 4, makes it easier for the feet. Cut 4 2x4's about 12" long and screw one flat to the 4x4 and flush to one side. Then progress all the way around doing the same thing till you have all 4 feet on. If you want it to stand on the floor just make the 4 x 4 longer.

    To mount the circke to the 4 x 4, get a lag bolt from the harware store along with about 6 flat washers that fit over the threads. Drill an undersized pilot hole in the center of the 4 x 4, down from the top the distance of the radius of your circle plus 4". Drill an OVERSIZED hole in the center of your circle...enough so the lag fits without resistance. Put 3 washers behind and 3 washers in front of the circle and screw in but not want the wheel to spin easily.

    Figure out how many prize sections you want and divide your circle accordingly. You can paint the sections different colors or just mark with lines. Mark each section with the prize as well. I work for a sign company and we do many of these.

    Now that you have it divided you need to get small dowels and place a 2" to 3" dowel at each line into the plywood approx. 1 inch down from the outer edge of the wheel. Glue them in. At the top of the 4x4 you need to rig an arm out and down with a piece of heavy rubber which just catches the a spatchula. This will allow the wheel to spin but will slow it down and eventually stop it and declare the winning prize.

    Be creative and have fun...there is no right or wrong long as it works.

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    Diy Prize Wheel

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    Home depot sells circles of wood, that you would normally use for a small tabletop. I've used this for a prize wheel. Drill a hole in the EXACT center and hammer nails into the outside edge for the.."clickers" (for lack of a better term). You will have to build a sturdy frame that will take the weight of the wheel and the force of someone spinning it. Bolt the wheel to the frame and away you go!

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    build prize wheel

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    Hope this helps!

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