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When people answer the phone in foreign countrys do they say "hello" ?

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    ♡Sometimes! I'm an American living in Japan and just out of habit I sometimes answer the phone with 'Hello?' We have caller ID (number display AND name, if input) and when I call some of my Japanese friends they say 'Hello' too, of course they know it's ME!(*^o^*) Usually we answer by saying 'Hai', which means 'Yes...' or 'Family's name desu', like saying 'Smith residence'.♡

  • Pandak
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    I don't know about all foreign countries, but many people in China answer their cellphones with Hi. Hello in Chinese is pronounced kneehow (nihoa) and means literally, you good, and that is also used.

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    Certainly not in every foreign country, silly! Only English speaking people would answer with "hello." Hellllllooooo...

    When I was in Okinawa (now considered Japanese), they say "mushy mushy," which is a Japanese form of "hello."

  • If it is an English speaking country, they usually do. In Spanish, some say, "hola" and some say "alo" and some say various other things. I'm kind of glad the English speakers don't mix it up though.

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    What to you think they say- Peanut butter? In any culture it is polite if you state some sort of greeting such as hello before you continue your conversation.

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    No. Not all of them translate to "hello". In Korean, they say "yoboseyo", which literally means "look here".

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    in Germany if a kid answers he says hello this is the whatever fa mile frank speaking.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    yes , but they answer in their own language.

    In Japan it is common to say, "moshi moshi"

    In China many people say, "Wayyy"

    But do you say "hello" everytime you answer a phone? Probably not, sometimes you say "yeah", "uh -huh," etc.

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    Most peopel in germany say their last name when they answer the phone.

    Source(s): BORN & RAISED IN GERMANY!
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    If you are in France, they answer with"Allo" and in Italy they say "Pronto". They basically translates to "hello".

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