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Can India trust China after that much years.?

India and China is going to start there road links again from Skkim (Natula).Don't you think about past 1962 warand Tibbet ,you can not turest any more on China

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    The answer is an unqualified 'No'. India has already fought a bloody war with China and lost miserably ,courtesy Nehru and his 'team'. China had occupied almost the entire north east and Aksai Chin, in Ladakh. China unilaterally withdrew from the territories they had captured in the north east, but is still illegally occupying Aksai Chin (a territory whose size is comparable with Switzerand).

    A resolution of the boundary dispute is not likely in the near future. Although China recently gave up its claim on Sikkim, it still does not recognize Arunachal Pradesh as part of India. China has also piled up strategic ballistic missiles in Tibet, posing a serious threat to India.

    Another cause of concern for the Indians is the Chinese policy of 'encirclement' of India.They have developed strategic ties with almost all of India's neighbours, Bhutan being an exception. China is developing a network of roads in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir and are keen on getting access to the Middle Eastthrough the port at Gwadar, Balochistan. Similarly it is building military facilities at Myanmar's Coco Islands which is very close to Andaman.

    The opening of Nathu La is also a security threat. It does not mean that India should resist the idea of cross border trade and the immense benefits that it will eventually bring to the entire north east. India should exercise extreme caution and step up the presence of our armed forces. Nathu La has a very strategic location. If China builds up its presence near Nathu La, it would be at a striking distance from India's 'chicken-neck' (the thin area near Siliguri that connects the north-east to the rest of India).

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    I think India should have taken a notice that China would not do so. Otherwise I would go with your view.

    It is not fair to trust by words. It will be nice if thre road links are opened

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    Can india trust pakistan.

    Can pakistan trust India

    Can .......... trust...................

    (put the name of the country in yourself)

    Can you trust me.

    Can I trust you????????

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    I have no idea, I am not live there

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