How does security Device work? The one that apparently generates random numbers to login to your office networ


Its not about IP. Let me explain. To connect from home to my office network. I have a small digital device- that shows up - 8 digit-numbers (on LCD display) - so, whenever I connect from home to office network. I will require to - put the password and this number. In another case, I need a similar no. to login to my bank a/c. Its like an added security. But question is: How does this device work? Do they have satellite access or a mini- pseudo-random generator.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Chances are it's a time synchronous token. Basically it contains a clock, a seed number and has the ability to run an algorithm. The seed number is unique to that unit and is fed into the algorithm along with the time. The algorithm generates an apparently random number that is displayed.

    At the server end, an authentication server knows your seed number and obviously knows the time - it also knows your PIN. It uses the same algorithm as your token and generates the same number you see on your token. If the number along with the PIN matches what you typed in then it knows you are the correct person holding the correct token.

    Hope that helps

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  • 1 decade ago

    your talking about a dynamic IP - an ip is like your internet telephone # - most are static or unchaning, a dynamic ip, changes you ID num periodaclly without your input to deter hacking

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