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Hi is MR. kofi's appeal?

Hi is mr, Kofi Annamn sporting terissim and telling us to live with it ?swhy don;t he ask to bastered hazibula to stop terisiam in world, My question is to NBush and Tony Blaire and othher leaders also this the time to stop Hezbula and other terrist group. If they can not do it when thay will do it?

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    I don't think he is efficient or a very good leader, The UN has prooven itself to be a toothless organization and that it has failed to meet it's charter objectives. Angelina Joilet herself could actually help the world by herself more than Kofi, money and Mercedes have corrupted him, she is not corrupt and weak in this way. He may as well join Hezbollah for all the good he has done.

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    When will you consult a dictionary before posing such a question?

  • Stuart
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    1 decade ago

    Please explain why the US or the UK should be responsible for cleaning up your filthy little corner of the world?

  • yumyum
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    1 decade ago

    You. Are. A. DOUCHE.

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