How to convert .cdr file (corel draw) to jpeg or any other easily accessable format?

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Problem is, I have to send a file made in corel draw to a person who does not have Corel Draw. Alternately, can anyone reccomend a viewer that he can use to view the cdr file?
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  • SONI answered 8 years ago
well there is an easy solution for your problem, you can convert your cdr into a pdf format (File > publish to PDF) or you can convert cdr in a jpg or tiff or any other picture format.

you select your object in corel draw and then go to bitmap menu > convert to bitmap.

once you convert your object into a bitmap you right click on it there is an option for save bitmap, select this option and save it in any format (jpg, tiff.... etc) but I still prefer that converting it into a PDF is a better option.

note: when you convert it in a bitmap different options regarding picture format will open i.e. resolution, cmyk , black and white gray scale etc etc.

bye and hv a good day

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thanx. you were of great help and promt too!!
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  • Wayne answered 1 week ago
    The best way to convert files is using Format Factory... this is the link to download and a tutorial to learn how to use it:
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  • Pankaj answered 1 month ago
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  • sandy answered 8 years ago
    easiest way is to convert the file into .jpg format
    select the image or design in Corel Draw and press Ctrl+E or click Export from the File Menu, type in the desired file name, choose the file extension as .jpg from the dropdown menu and click Export.
    Select the format RGB and click OK, it's done.
    Now u can send it as an attachment, .jpg can be viewed with no. of other softwares.
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