Difference between RAC and WL in railway ticketing?

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WL-Wait listed. it will convert into RAC before it gets confirmed. If the ticket status is in RAC, then the ticket holder can atleast sit and travel in a sleeper class compartment.
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  • mercy r answered 8 years ago
    RAC -reservation against cancellation a persons cancelled position will be shared by two person so that they will get a place to sit atleast.
    waiting list -a cancelled position will be completely given to another person


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  • PK LAMBA answered 8 years ago
    RESERVATION AGAINST CANCELLATION (R.A.C.) :- The passengers whose names figure under R.A.C., are provided reserved sitting accommodation initially and are likely to get berths becoming vacant due to last minutes cancellation of reservation of passengers not turning up in time before the departure of the train

    No sitting accommodation is available against waitlisted tickets.
    If vacancy is created, reservation is first provided to RAC.
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  • twity answered 8 years ago
    RAC is atleast the passenger has got a seat reserved for him. The passenger can sit and travel in the reservation compartment.
    WL- means that there is no availability in the train.And u cannot travel in the reserved compartment. But travel in general .
    the next stage in WL is RAC
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  • RAM answered 8 years ago
    RAC is reservation against cancellation
    means you are not allotted any seats still you can go by the train
    Normal situations RAC will become confirmed RAC if your name is put on list of passenger in the last hour
    RAC people are allotted seats as per the asc. order of number by TTR on board train.

    WL is waiting list a state before RAC.
    If you are in WL list then you will come to RAC list then seat allotment.
    please refer site

    best wishes
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  • dwee answered 8 years ago
    RCA (reservation against cancellation) means you are allowed to enter the train with permission and (WL) wating list means you are with a ticket which is just for booking a ticket
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  • greatpraveen answered 8 years ago
    RAC is reservation against cancellation and WL is waiting list. While awarding the seat, preference is given to RAC ticket holder.
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  • swapnil answered 3 weeks ago
    login to IRCTC and get detail about how to check pnr status: http://pnrstatus-check.in/
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  • Vijay answered 5 months ago
    Our RAC no. is 34-35 i train no. 12472 on 09-11-2013 what are chances of get it converted into confirmed one
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  • Hitesh s answered 8 years ago

    above it the link. good luck
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  • ndhnmanuel answered 8 years ago
    For the convenience of the passengers, Indian Railways have drawn up liberalized customer-friendly Refund Rules. To get the maximum benefit and to save on cancellation charges, Passengers are requested to cancel their tickets within the prescribed time limits, wherever possible. This will also help other RAC/Wait List passengers in getting confirmed accommodation. The Refund Rules are spelt out in detail in the following table:
    Nature of the Ticket Time Limit for cancellation of the Ticket Cancellation Charge per passenger
    Untravelled Unreserved Tickets . Within 3 Hrs after the actual departure of the train. Rs. 10/-

    Unreserved tickets valid for the day of issue. Within 3 Hrs after the departure of last train of the day for your destination. Rs. 10/-

    Untravelled Reserved Tickets. More than One day in advance of the scheduled departure of the train (excluding the date of journey). Rs.50/- AC I Class
    Rs.30/- AC 2 Tier & 3

    AC Chair Car / First Class

    Rs.20/- Sleeper Class

    Rs. 10/- Second Class

    Travelled Reserved Tickets.
    One day in advance (excluding the date of journey and upto 4 hrs before the scheduled departure of the train ). 25% of the fare paid

    (Subject to Minimum cancellation charges specified above)

    Untravelled Reserved Tickets. Less than 4 Hrs before the scheduled departure of the train and : 50% of the fare paid

    (Subject to Minimum cancellation charges specified above)

    After actual departure of the train
    For a distance of :
    Upto 3 Hrs

    Upto 6 Hrs

    Upto 12Hrs
    Upto 200 Kms
    201 - 500 Kms

    Over 500 Kms

    Untravelled WaitListed/RAC Tickets. After actual departure of the train For a distance of :

    Rs. 10/-

    Upto 3 Hrs

    Upto 6 Hrs

    Upto 12Hrs
    Upto 200 Kms
    201 - 500 Kms

    Over 500 Kms

    Untravelled Multiple Journey Tickets (including Circular Journey Tickets) not confirmed for a part of the journey. Time limit as applicable for reserved tickets and RAC/WL Tickets as mentioned above according to the Reservation Status of the First lap of journey.

    a. If first lap of Journey is confirmed

    b. If first lap of Journey is RAC/WL

    a. Cancellation Charges will be levied depending on time of cancellation as applicable to Reserved Tickets for the entire journey.

    b. Rs. 10/- will be levied for the entire journey

    Partially used tickets. Within 24 hrs after the arrival of the train where you terminate your journey *

    * Refunds will not be given at the intermediate station where you terminate your journey. You will need to obtain a Ticket Deposit Receipt and apply for refunds.

    Refund will be granted after retaining fare for the travelled portion subject to a minimum fare for 100 km and further cancellation change of 10% in case reservation is not confirmed.

    50% in case reservation is confirmed, for the untravelled portion of journey, on the balance amount refundable.

    Partially used reserved tickets for Rajdhani / Shatabdi / Jan Shatabdi Trains. No Refund. Since Break of Journey is not allowed on these trains.
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