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What is the difference between aim,goal,vision,mission,target...

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hey buddy!!!!!!!!!!
aim means what u wan't to become in ur life what u wan't to achieve.
actually aim goal n target r quite similar terms.
vision means long time planning considering all plus minus points. n mission is a plan which u wan't to achieve n is a war that u wan't to win over.
target is the final goal at the highest point.
good luck!!!!!!

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  • rafayb answered 9 years ago
    1. Vision/Mission - where are you headed? (e.g. beyoud the project duration)
    2. Target/Aim - End Result (e.g. when the project is over)
    3. Goal/Objectives - What High Level Achievements are needed to reach Target

    There can be many other divisions of these similar meaning words, it depends a lot on context.
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  • seamus512 answered 9 years ago
    aim: purpose or intention
    goal: objective toward which an endeavor is directed
    vision: the way in which one conceives of something
    mission: a self imposed duty
    target: a desired goal
    So basically aim, goal, and target are the same. The vision is how you see you self getting there and the mission is getting yourself there. Wherever your there may be.


    Webster's II
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  • sdq india answered 9 years ago
    Aim is your imagenation
    Vision is your future plan
    Goal is your work
    Mission is organised your mind and work
    Target is achievement.
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  • prerana answered 9 years ago
    The difference may be different for different situations, but all have the common in knowing:What is available to us and what we intend to accomplish.
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  • what is the difference between aim,goal,vision,mission,target...
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