What is e-boiling???

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    E Boiling is the measure of the energy required to vaporize the solution, converting the water at 100 degrees to steam at 100 degrees. E Boiling is calculated from values of solution mass during the power-on portion of the run:

    E Boiling = (Initial Mass - Final Mass)*540*4.186,

    where Initial Mass is the solution mass at the start of the power-on portion of the run, and Final Mass is the solution mass at the end of the power-on portion of the run. The constant 540 is the heat of vaporization of water in calories per gram.

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    More of an advertising gimmick rather than a technology for making water safe for consumption equivalent to water consumed after boiling at 100 c for 20 min.

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    It is a water purification process that works faster than boiling water for 20 mins.

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    e-boiling is the electron boiling of water.in which it takes only a few secounds rather than odernary boiling.

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