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How secular is Vande Mataram?

What you think Is Vade Mataram Song is secular why muslims and christain not accepting it. In India 80% of people speaks Hindi. Why our leader not selected the song which were in Hindi. Why "Saare jahan se achcha Hindustaan hamara", not been chooses as national anthem.


You are not given answer of my first question. How secular is vande mataram

Update 2:

Mr. Narendra, I dont know what you are trying to say. I think you have understand my question. I have to write it in sanskrit or what ? Can you write here translation of vande matram here in hindi I am sure you are not coz u must not understand this song. any ways what language is this "samskrit"

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    it is a hindu religious song created by a man who was a servant of the British imperialists.

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    Vande Matram secular or not has bcom a very controversial question.

    At the time vande matram was written that is 100year back from today, there was nothing called a secular or non secular india.

    It was just a country struggling for freedom.At that time anything that made it possible to drive masses for fight against british was Ok.People from all sects respected it and stood up equally.

    But as India moved towards freedom some forces made differences between us on basis of religion.And till now this difference has widened and a song has become a bone of contention for people of the same country.Now a song has become more of an issue rather than other issues that are plaguing our country.

    Hope this ends and people and politicians of this country cry over real issues rather than a song.

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    There is one matter which has been pending for discussion, namely, the question of the national anthem. At one time it was thought that the matter might be brought up before the House, and a decision taken by the House by way of a resolution. But it has been felt that, instead of taking a formal decision by means of a resolution, it is better if I make a statement with regard to the national anthem. Accordingly, I make this statement... The composition consisting of the words and music known as 'Jana Gana Mana' is the national anthem of India, subject to such alterations in the words as the Government may authorise as occasion arises; and the song 'Vande Mataram', which has played a historic part in the struggle for Indian freedom, shall be honoured equally with Jana Gana Mana and shall have equal status with it. (Applause) I hope that will satisfy the Members

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    A1.)It is very secular as the mother is the same for all who live in India whether they follow christianity or Islam Or Hinduism.It is not vade.... It is vande Mataram which means Bow to Mother


    A2 Just because people have started speaking the most common language we cannot chane our heredity.My children do not speak their mothertongue and yet value our tradition.

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    1. My dear munib, SANSKRIT is mother of all languages except chinese. English, arabic and even dravinian languages are devloped from it. Do you know meditarrian branch of caucasoid are living from india to italy so you should know your mother tongue.

    2. This song was taken from anti-muslim book, but it was shortened to made a secular song, so we need not to go for history. History also tells us that "jan gan man" was praise of british king and "sare jahan" was written by Iqbal, who made two nation theory. History is bitter, lets remember only nice things.

    3. vande matram is symbol that muslim value their religion more or country, what will muslims do if pakistan attacks india. I know many of my muslim friends who celebrates win of pakistan cricket team over India, it may be their personal choice but i feel alienated from them.

    4. SECULAR: BJP people are worse than muslims, if someone doesn't like song, there is no reason to dishonor national song by making it compulsory. BJP people should cut their choti and remove saffron and muslims can cut their beard and both can look indian, that will be true secular.

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    first of all tell me what do you meen by word secular. If any one uses that word as him self a secular,he lie.we live in india where hindu,muslims,chritians,etc,etclive togethore,work togethor,eat togethor,participate in each others festivals,functions,marieges,togethor.Do you ask any body why hindu participate in muslims functions,muslims in hindu festivels,sikhs in hindu or sikhs in muslims,I think this is our social awarness which binds ourself to each other.Let secular or non secular words be gave to our great polititians.Think by your own mind and think thorowly deeply what Vande Matram meens and what the great writer trying to tell in the form of Vande Matram.dont think about the language,think about the meening,why do you think for any other song as national song,why not this one. remembar samskrit is the mother of all the languages in the world.

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    patriotism should come from the heart. forced patriotism makes no sense. singing national song is good but meaningless if it isn't heartfelt.rather than singing helping the poor and needy should be the priority of our politicians

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