Manicraj asked in Environment · 1 decade ago

When Ultrasonic cleaning is adapted in Indutries , why clothes washing at home using above tech not come yet?

The principle behind this is creation of million of micro bubbles generated by ultrasonic energy & by way of the bubbles collapsing instanttaneously inward creates enormous sucking force to pull out dirt in its near vicinity and other deposits and stains etc from the fabric, thereby no mechanical or chemical damage is done to the fabric washed and a little of detergent use is enough for just keeping such released particles in suspension by covering the released particles/elements, thereby assuring a best wash even in most soiled places like cuffs and collars or whatever it is.

Also the use of detergent is minimised saving a lot of chemicals used/manufactured, thereby environmentally the waste water after wash is less polluting the earth and the manufacture of LAB also will be limited to the demand.

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