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What is a Nitrogen Booster in a Sports Car?

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    In an internal combustion engine, a mixture of air and fuel is burned. When the mixture is tuned so as to consume every molecule of reactant (in this case fuel and oxygen) it is said to be "running at stoichiometry". When this burns, combustion temperatures reach a high enough level to burn some of the nitrogen in the air, yielding various oxides of nitrogen, the results of which can be seen over major cities such as Los Angeles, California in the summer in the form of brown clouds of smog.

    The term Nox is also sometimes used to refer to nitrous oxide in the context of its use as a booster for internal combustion engines.

    Source(s): wikipedia
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    Nitrogen Booster

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    basicaly Nitrogen booster is NOS

    Laughing gas

    basicaly, when this stuff is injected into the combustion chanmber (ether by wet, dry or direct injection) it creates a much much much more violent expansion of theair fuel mixture (normaly calling for a different head gasket with reinforcedrings and other engine mods to take this expansion) thuss creating more BHP (break horse power) dpending on the type and quantats of NOS used it could add up to 190BHP extra onto of the vehicles normal BHP.

    gives you a damn good speed advantage on overtaking in a race they only have a limeted amount..

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    try for manuals and for websites about it :)

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